Why Vaccination?💉 - A guide to vaccination for teens in India

Community Feb 11, 2022

The long-awaited good news is here as teen vaccination in India finally began in January of 2022 for teenagers who are 15-18 years old. It is finally time for teenagers to take shots...erm, the vaccine shots!

Whether you’re a badass who isn’t afraid of needles, or a cutie who dreads them, getting the covid vaccine is a step in the right direction. 🙌🏻 Wondering why vaccination for 15-18 is important & what Covid vaccination in India is all about, you’ve come to right place! We’re here to help you prepare to get those much-needed antibodies in your system - it’s a Cowin win situation, geddit?😅💪🏻

Starting with the question of the hour...

Why should I get Covid-19 Vaccination?

In needles, we trust: Teens are getting vaccinated with Covaxin, after two years of research, formation, and trials on vaccination for children. After significant time and tests devoted to it, researchers have concluded that vaccination for 15-18 is safe and important to reduce Covid cases in India.🤙🏼

Feel like a hero: Getting the Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t only put you out of risk, but you get to protect your younger siblings who’re yet not eligible for getting the vaccine. You also get to guard elders who’re more susceptible to Covid-19. 🦹‍♀️🦹‍♂️

Get the anti-bodies: Time to recall those biology chapters, because getting the coronavirus vaccine means your body will help you develop a whole army of antibodies against the annoying & unwanted coronavirus. So book your Covid-19 vaccination slots on Cowin now! 🤳🏼

Be a health guru: Once you get the shot, you are less likely to fall sick due to Covid-19. Even if you do, the vaccine helps prevent the severity of illness. You get to take care of your health through just a tiny pinch. 🧘🏼‍♂️

Don’t carry the burden: Do you have a great immune system and rarely fall sick? Well, research shows you that could still carry the coronavirus without any physical symptoms. After getting the vaccine, you can be sure that you’re not carrying the infection to your loved ones. 🙅🏼‍♂️

Do it for the squad: By getting the covid-19 vaccine, you’re contributing to herd immunity.  That means that you get closer to executing those pending hangout plans, movie nights, and shopping trips with your squad after the jab. The joy of showing of the Covid-19 vaccination certificate to the restaurant wale bhaiya is >>>>> 🤝🏼

Get the freebies: Who doesn’t love free stuff? You can get the Covid-19 vaccine for free at government centers. You’ll get the Cowin certificate as well, so count that in.

What should I do before?

Made up your mind to get the vaccine? Good job, you’re the real MVP! There are a few things you need to take care of.

1. Get a date: The first step to a smooth vaccination journey would be booking a slot for yourself beforehand.💻Visit the cowin portal to do the same!

2. Choose correctly: Covaxin is the only approved vaccine for teens at the moment, please don’t do any other shots. 📅

3. Boost it up: Remember to get the second dose of the vaccine within 4-6 weeks of getting the first shot for best effect! 💉

4. Mask on: Make sure you take all precautions while at the vaccination center, which means having your mask on and washing your hands before & after the visit! 🙊

5. Grab a snacc: And we don’t mean your crush. Don’t go empty-stomach to get your vaccine, it’s always good to eat something before your appointment! 🥗

What should I do after?

Congratulations on getting the vaccine, you deserve a pat on the back! There are a few things to keep in mind while getting the shot.💪🏼

1. Prepare to feel hot: You might develop a fever, headache and your arm might get achy. These symptoms are minor and normal, but you can definitely use them to skip classes for a day. 😷

2. Don’t self-medicate: Don’t consume medicines to relieve these symptoms before checking with a guardian and a doctor first. 🙅🏼‍♀️

3. Communication is key: Feel like something isn’t right after getting the shot? It could be an allergic reaction, which you can report to a doctor and your vaccination center! 🤳🏼

4. Time to hydrate & hibernate: Wanna do some ✨self-care✨ after being brave and getting the vaccine? You should drink loads of water and get sleep. Squirtle and sloth, both can be your spirit animal.

5. When in doubt, use ice: Not to munch on, please! If your arm feels very sore, you can use an ice-pack to relieve it.🧊

Now that you're vaccinated...

Your Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate might come in handy in a lot of situation be it heading out to a restaurant, a movie or at the airport.🛫

If you're someone who ends up scurrying around for that Cowin vaccination certificate from one Whatsapp chat to another, one drive folder to another - you'll love what's coming up on the FamPay App soon.🤫

Until then,
Happy Vaccination!💖

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