Quick Guide to be a Teenfluencer 👸🤴

Lifestyle Jul 8, 2020

Want to Become a Teenage Influencer? Start Here

“Hey, what do you wanna do for a living?”

“Um, I’d love to be a teenage social media influencer.”

“Is that even a real thing?”

Yes, it very much is. 10 years ago, this would have been a puerile answer- one inviting mocking laughter. But, today, not only is it a legitimate career but an easy one for teenagers to get into, thanks to the pervasion of social media. On top of it, you can earn money as a teenager, which is something that is quite hard in a country like India. You’ve got teenage social media influencers like Aashna Shroff, Mohena Kumari Singh, and Saransh Goila who share close to 18 Million followers among them. And, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Becoming a teenage influencer– or a teenfluencer, as the Gen Z calls it– is a job every teenager dreams of having. Imagine the power of millions of people listening to your opinions, sponsors flocking to you to don their apparels and promote their products, and maybe even changing the world a little bit for the good.

But, the million-dollar question is how to become a teen influencer? Read on.

Who is an influencer?👸

Simply put, influencers are social media personalities with a large number of engaged followers. They entertain, educate, and sometimes influence their loyal fanbase, hence the name.

They are people who have built a reputation in their niche and regularly post about the topic on their social platforms. They add their unique, authentic voices to the content they create, earning the loyalty and trust of their followers. That’s why brands love them– they can create and encourage their followers to promote their offerings.

The perks of being an influencer👍

Aha! We’re getting to the juicy bits now.

The popularity of influencer marketing is so much so that businesses allocate a separate budget to it and with good reason. According to a study, 70 per cent of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. More than clout of having several thousand followers and the glitzy deals that envelop an influencer, there are several benefits that come with it.

● You get to do something you love and care about

● Being recognizable and respected in your niche

● Building authentic human connections with followers is inspiring

● You get exposure, travel opportunities, and the experience of working with others

● You get the flexibility to work whenever and from wherever you want

● You get to earn money as a teenager

How to become a teen influencer👇

We’ve got good news and more good news. The good news is that there are tons of teenage social media influencers out there, which means that you have multiple references to look at and get an answer to your question on how to become a teen influencer. The efforts and hard work of all these teenage influencers can be a great lesson for you. Retaining and consistently engaging with your fan base is no walk in the park. Behind the successful facade you see, there’s a lot of painstaking efforts. By learning about their experiences and efforts, you can avoid experimentation to a great extent which directly translates to fewer mistakes.

You will also be glad to know that becoming a teenfluencer is a scientific approach. You need to present your content in creative ways to stand out from the crowd. When done authentically, you can steer your career as a teenage social media influencer in the right direction.

Find your niche🔍

The first thing you need to work on is finding what you’re good at. It has to be something you deeply care about or love doing. You don't need to have an extraordinary topic, but the fact lies in how extraordinarily you present it and how different it is from the rest of the world.

You should have some expertise in it and should be able to consistently post high-quality content on that topic. You need to provide something that your audience cares about or things that will improve their lives greatly.

Here are a few topics to help you get started with:

● Travel

● Beauty

● Lifestyle

● Fashion

● Gaming

● Food

● Art

● Health and fitness

Identify your quirks and showcase that to create your unique value proposition.

Select a social media platform📣

Think about where your potential followers hang out. For example, travel and beauty teenage influencers are mostly present on Instagram. Or, if you’re humorous and create well-thought-out content, a blog or Twitter is the place to be.

There are various platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and recently Tiktok, where followers throng to rain their heartthrobs’ recent posts with hearts. Try to keep up with new social platforms and ride that wave.

Start building your followers🙋🙋🙋

If you plan to be a teenage influencer tomorrow, you should have started building your following yesterday. After all, the number of people that follow you defines your influencer status. Also, it’s a flywheel. Getting to your first hundred followers will be hard. The next hundred won’t be.

It’s also a psychological phenomenon where people tend to place high value to personalities who already have a high following.

Produce high-quality content 🎓

There’s no substitute when it comes to this. The only way you’re going to be recognized as an authority in your niche is when you post content that’s unique and of the highest quality. No matter what you create, it should provide value and resonate with the audience.

Formulate a long-term content strategy with relevant trends or holidays in mind. Plan and schedule posts at least a month in advance. This doesn’t mean you won’t have to adapt to new trends. If something of explosive trending potential turns up, be the first to create content about it.

Collaborate with other influencers🤝

When you’re starting out, networking and partnering with established influencers can give you the necessary boost. You can learn a thing or two from what they do. Also, you’re exposed to a new audience, and there’s a chance that a portion of them will become your followers too.

Let brands know you’re open for collaboration👂

This is the time when you monetize all your hard work and efforts. You need to declare yourself as an influencer and communicate the fact that you’re up for collaboration with interested brands in your niche.

Add this information in your bio and reach out to these brands with what you bring to the table.

Tips to be an effective influencer👌

Here are some tips to get new followers, engage existing ones, and improving your social media presence:

● Be consistent and stick to a regular posting schedule

● Hold AMAs, giveaways, and contests

● Understand and listen to your audience

● Use relevant hashtags and tag mentions to get discovered by more people

● Respond to your fans to build trust, loyalty, and engagement

● Be authentic and don’t be afraid to speak your heart

● Social comments can be harsh and scathing. Brush away the trolls and focus on the nicer part of your audience.

Also, when you start to earn money as a teenager, you also need a way to receive payments resulting from your brand collaborations. If you don’t have a bank account, you can receive payments using a secure app like FamPay. You only need a phone number with which you can send and receive payments from the app.

Ready to become an influencer?💪

It’s key to understand that there are no shortcuts to success, and it’s impossible to become an overnight sensation. Don’t expect immediate success but don’t give up early. It’s a process that can take a lot of effort, time, and deliberate planning.

Be patient, authentic, and consistent. Success will follow.

Check out our Teenfluencer Program on the FamPay app, download now and apply if you think you got potential!!

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