Top 4 Head-Turning Fashion Tips and Trends For The Sassy Gen Z 🤳🤩👸🤴

Lifestyle Aug 28, 2020

The 18-year-young Grammy-winner artist Billie Eilish has swept us off our feet - thanks to her incomparable talent and an outlaw-vision when it comes to expression beyond music. After all, she radiates big fearless energy, especially when it comes to her fashion choices and being uniquely herself. When was the last time you witnessed a young artist embracing such an outrageous yet high-key expressive style through oversized neons and over-the-top fashion collaborations?

You must have noticed that over the past few years, a strong disruption has occurred in the world of fashion - aesthetically and financially. It has also subconsciously slipped into your choice of style, brand, and trend - be it the return of punk and goth in the high-end streetwear, or the rise of sustainability amongst teenagers like you and woke fashion brands! You are already aware of what’s popping in the world of fashion.  So, without beating around the bush, let us introduce four Gen Z fashion trends for teenagers who like to keep it fresh and shoot their shot when the iron is still hot.

The straight-outta-bed look; but make it hip 🛏

Image source: Hollywood Life

To be fairly honest with you, we get it. Summer 2020 didn’t go as planned. It's probably way past your bed-time, and you refuse to give in to the routine of watching the sunrise. It's alright. But, this situation shouldn't stop you from showering some love onto yourself. You gotta feel good every day because you deserve it, fam! Keep your PJs on, grab that comforter, embrace your inner sass, add a belt to cinch it around your waist, because fashion trends by Gen Z are all about capturing that hip vibe in a mirror selfie as if you own the look!

In fact, buy yourself comfortable yet trendy co-ords, or a pair of elegant slippers or cool sliders to get going through the routine. Online shopping is a hassle-free choice and comes with a myriad of latest teen fashion trends. Nykaa and Myntra have a lot of options of such fashion trends for Gen Z to select from. How about a set of PJs and an overcoat to pair it with?

Honestly, teen fashion around the world has witnessed a lot of experimentation, so what’s stopping you from setting your own fashion trend? Get your very own FamCard from FamPay today to become a financially smart teenager while shopping for yourself, your family, or your friends! With FamPay, utilize your cashless pocket money to pay at your favourite stores online or offline across India, let your parents and yourself track all transactions with a single click, and take control of your spendings in an effective manner!


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Well, the idea here is easy to understand - Keep it Simple! Don't go overboard in an attempt to add a lot of components to your outfit. Keep it as simple as possible. A simple tee paired with a cool bottom, like the distressed jeans or even cool joggers, can do the job! If you want to add some weight to your outfit, do it through your accessories or footwear! Wear a simple black and white outfit and throw a cool or elegant watch to add some quality to your look. Hunt for shoes that stand out (we personally love the chunky shoes trend!). You can look for colours rather than style, a pastel t-shirt paired with the right lower can be turned into a much appealing trend than going for clothings which have more concentration on their design. You can check out sites like Bewakoof to find t-shirts of the most striking colour palette. Look simple yet dressed up.

Vintage Round Glasses

Who could have ever thought that wearing glasses had the potential to become a blooming fashion trend? The world has seen a transition from rimless glasses, thick-framed nerdy glasses, cat-eye glasses, and now we have the vintage round glasses. Well these are mostly of two categories - one, with rim, second, without rim. Though a large majority prefers the without rim version better because the golden wire finish adds immensely to a bohemian or dainty look, the rimmed ones are a good way to provide some angle to your face. The good thing about these glasses is that they go with absolutely anything! Yes, you read that right, you can pair these with ethnic or western, casual or formal, and it will go just right. Hence, we suggest all the people who wear glasses to make sure their next frame is this gorgeous beaut. And for the ones who are lucky enough to have a perfect visual power but still want to be a part of this pumping trend, just go and grab a pair with no power lenses.

So go ahead and add that sauce to your outfit!

The eco-friendly approach to being a fashion icon

Image Source: Pottsmerc

Millennials and Gen Zers are self-aware when it comes to ecological consciousness. As per the Lifestyle Monitor Survey conducted by Cotton Incorporated, 36% of Gen Z actually put in the effort to find eco-friendly clothing alternatives. You must feel a special kind of responsibility and pride in being a part of the Green Generation (You go, fam!)

If you are looking forward to exploring sustainable fashion trends by Genz and make it your USP over time, you can find innumerable quality options at brands like FabIndia, Amrapali, House of Anita Dongre, Mantra, and more. For the more creative and experimental shoppers, you must definitely check out the teen fashion brands like No Nasties, Brown Boy, Runaway Bicycle, and Ka-Sha. Not only will you be introduced to a wide variety of color and fabric origins, but you will also fall in love with the process of creation of a fashion product.


Now that you have read and understood about a wide variety of fashion lanes open to you, make the most use of your love for Gen Z fashion trends. Dig deeper, and you might just find your niche that radiates your personality accurately. Be it streetwear, formals, or chic - bring your truth into what you wear. Make quick and secure payments using a FamCard without the need to create a bank account, and be as financially responsible a teenager as adults are. Become a part of FamPay today!

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