Things You Must Know as a Parent of a GenZ Teen

Parents Jun 1, 2020

Imagine yourself on a rollercoaster ride. The huge highs and lows, and unexpected twists and turns. Moving at break-neck speed. Stomach curdling somersaults and gigantic loops. Exhilarating moments of soaring higher than you imagined. In real life, we call it parenting: an experience which brings out emotions you never thought you were capable of feeling; a ride that doesn’t stop when you want it to- but also the one that you crave the moment it ends.

Bringing up children has its own challenges. When you talk about GenZ parenting, you’ve just thrown in a few more complexities. While parenting does not come with a manual, we have information available to us today that can prove invaluable, thanks to the internet.

Let’s take a look at what these children are really about so we can understand how to be a better parent of a GenZ teen:

Self Assured, and Still Child-like

We are growing a generation that thrives on technology. GenZ teens like to invest more in visual experiences. They respond better to activities and tasks that have a strategy, as opposed to excessive amounts of information. This is a generation that may sometimes make you feel like they are under ten, especially when they display a need to be childlike. At the same time, as a parent of a GenZ, you may feel like you are talking to an adult – someone who understands and empathises, and has a strong sense of acceptance of what you think and feel. While they may look and be in the present, they also have a vision of what the future brings and how they can work on shaping it. You are working with a generation that is calculating, self-assured and updated. Being a good GenZ teen parent means managing a balance of both personalities.

Creative Thinkers and Thought Leaders

This is a generation that thinks out of the box. They are highly aware and know just what the latest trends in the world are- and sometimes may even be trendsetters themselves. They are articulate and creative. You won’t find too many kids opting for conventional choices. Luckily for us, the options available today are so varied, and these children seem to know exactly what they want to do. When being a nurturing GenZ teen parent, encourage this individualism, and allow your child more avenues to explore when it comes to what they want to be. You are certain to notice the child opening up to you and sharing a lot more if you allow them their space. There’s also a lot that we can learn from them.

Socially Engaged Virtually

Before we conclude that our children lack interpersonal skills and are loners, let’s look at how their world operates. GenZ teens do have their own social circles and friends. They just prefer interacting with them virtually. You will notice, in fact, that they network rather intelligently. They are aware of people who share common interests and preferences and are careful about who they interact with. They are extremely content and secure interacting in this environment. However, as a parent of a GenZ teen, it is important to be aware that these children may sometimes have issues with self-esteem and self-image. They may also feel a sense of loneliness. GenZ parenting involves striking a balance by allowing some real-time experiences and social opportunities as well.

Emotionally Aware and Accepting

GenZ teens take their own time to grow up. This could be a result of parents having fewer children and giving them more attention. On the other hand, this is a generation which is extremely mature, aware and sensitive. You can find that your child may be an excellent listener and advisor, who can help find solutions when you need them. They are less judgemental and more accepting of things outside the norm. They tend to be better planners and assess risks before making choices. This is also a generation that has a more futuristic outlook. There is a great deal we can learn while being a parent of a GenZ teen.

Cautious yet Effective Planners

GenZ parenting can work very constructively when you involve them in planning the household finances. It may even give you an insight into new ways of saving. They are certain to have some innovative ideas on how to cut costs, find cost-effective alternatives and eliminate wasteful spending. Empowering them financially, in smaller ways, will help them build a sense of control and confidence and shape their personality. Bank accounts for kids and prepaid cards for teens are great tools in teaching finance to kids and also making them accountable. In a way, you are being an empowering GenZ teen parent by giving your child the much-needed reassurance that you believe in them.

Striking the Balance

GenZ is a generation that blends emotions, awareness and thinking patterns beautifully. If we manage to give our children the right balance of freedom, acceptance and responsibility and still be there for them, we can open ourselves and the world to a generation of incredible potential. In addition, we will also grow a family that truly understands, cares for and nurtures one other. Enjoy parenting your GenZ teens, and you will realise that you, in turn, are learning much more from them.

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