Teen bucket listπŸ˜ƒ - 10 things you must to do in your teens!

Lifestyle Aug 13, 2020

Someone once said, "Teenage years are the best and the worst years of your life". This is because your teenage years are full of trials and errors. You are slowly beginning to discover and understand yourself while still being misunderstood by the people around you. You have these new experiences which will have a lasting impact on your personality in the long run.

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As teens, we love to live by our own rules. Sometimes these self-made rules lead to not-so-good experiences while some rules lead to us making memories that will cherished for a lifetime.

A guaranteed way to ensure that you have all the experiences that you wish to have as a teenager is by making a bucket list. We have mentioned 10 must-have experiences that all teenagers should have as a part of your bucket list below.

Learn basic housekeeping skills 🏠

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Before turning the page to adulthood, every teenager must learn basic housekeeping skills like cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. With these skills, you will be well-equipped to balance your work and household chores simultaneously. Plus, it's always good to lend a hand at home and help your family members with their daily chores.

Create a scrapbook 🎨

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While some consider making a scrapbook, especially in today's day and age, redundant and a waste of time, it is an excellent way as a teenager to have a physical reminder of your likes, dislikes, and the memories you shared with your friends, families, and yourself through these years. Every teenager has a suitcase of memories that they want to carry with them and relive whenever they wish. Making a scrapbook of those memories would help you relive the moments in the future all over again.

Build a vision board for your dreams and goals

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Teenagers are unconventional beings in search of an idiosyncratic way of life. Thus, their decisions are based on this ideology, especially in terms of their career paths. Right from game designers to social media influencers, teenagers are now opting for nonconformist career choices. To accomplish this mission, making a vision board is a great stepping stone to achieve your professional targets. It gives an idea πŸ€” about what you can actively do to achieve those dreams. It also acts as a great motivator to keep you pushing through your teenage years.

Do a fun photoshoot with your friends 😎

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A fun, creative photoshoot with friends is always a good idea, and getting some extra shots for the 'gram never hurt anyone. So, go crazy with props and other photoshoot supplies at the craft store and split the cost of the supplies with friends. Check out FamPay for an easy way to split the money with your friends.

Note to (future) self πŸ’­

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Writing a letter to your future self is an amazing way to document what you wish to achieve in life and a great way to remind yourself of these carefree days. It also helps you reflect on how far along you have come from your teenage self.

Create an exercise routine for your family πŸ’ͺ🏽

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Building an exercise routine for your family is a great way to bond with them. Along with board games and watching tv together, exercising together has manifold benefits. It not only helps in spending quality time together but also aids in maintaining the health of everyone. And you being accountable for it will be the cherry on the top of the cake. Sweat it out πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Build your social profiles πŸ“±

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Along with Instagram and Snapchat, this is the best time to build your various other social profiles like LinkedIn and Twitter to enhance your connections. This is the time when you can experiment and build a Youtube channel to showcase your talent or simply just learn the know-how of the corporate world and build your resume.

Volunteer at an NGO

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Volunteer your time at a cause that you feel strongly towards. It can be a cleaning drive, a plantation drive, or even volunteering to help at a nursing home or an orphanage. This is a great way to give back to the community.

Save up for what you desire πŸ’°

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Although teenage years are unburdened with the pressure of financial stability, however, if there is something you desire to buy, save up for it. Take up a summer internship or volunteer for someone in return for a certain amount of pay. The moment you buy the thing you desire the most with your hard-earned money, you will experience immense happiness and satisfaction.

Learn to cook your favourite meal 🍜

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While this might seem like a very adult thing to do, learning how to cook can be a great bonding experience with family and even friends. Plus, the bonus of learning how to cook your favourite meal is that you can make it whenever you want to. To add to the whole adulting experience, buy all the things that you need with your FamCard and savour that independent feeling.

Get your FamCard πŸ’³

Do the tricky waters of finance leave you feeling puzzled? Well, it’s time to use FamCard then. FamCard ensures independence and freedom with cashless transactions and zero worries over handling the problematic cash. Without setting up a bank account, FamCard safeguards the processing of transactions with your friends and family as well as teaches you how to manage your finances. Go cashless with FamCard to tick off your bucket list. New to the FamCard revolution? Learn more about FamPay here.

So, before the serious adult life sets in and while you are still allowed to be a kid, have some experiences that make your teenage years truly the years to remember.

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