Pursuing my dream of becoming a Psychologist

Teenpreneurs Oct 13, 2019

Who doesn’t dream?!🌟 It may sound silly, but any hope, wish or want that we have, comes from a dream. It comes from an idea or a desire for us to want something. And true warriors are the people who achieve what they dream for!

Millennials have been labeled as being dreamers, and I believe that it is a good thing! Because if we don’t have a desire in life, what would we work towards? What would we aim for? ☄️ Every idea starts with a dream, and every dream ends with an impact on someone!

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” — Harriet Tubman

What is My dream?

Let me tell you about my dream. Well, I have many dreams, some quite funny and outrageous and some, as others would call it, quite practical. One is to eat all the chocolates 🍫 in the world! Another would be to meet my favorite actor! But there is one dream that I think about every day and that is to become a psychologist. And it isn’t just a fanciful dream, but a desire to make a difference!

The first thing that probably must have come to your mind after reading the word ‘psychologist’ would have been ‘a doctor for the insane’ 👨🏻‍⚕️. Wrong! This misconception is what causes people to be scared to consult a psychologist if required.

Being a psychologist doesn’t mean that you are going crazy, or getting surrounded by mad people. It is treating people that have negative thoughts regarding any situation or helping someone who is in stress or someone who is not able to accept any circumstance. It is patiently dealing with someone who has mental health issues. 🥵

Everyone suffers from anxiety and stress trying to deal with life issues, and visiting a psychologist is just like seeing a doctor, but for the brain! This is what I dream about. To help others, and to create a change for the better!

What am I currently doing to achieve my dream?

The obvious choice for me, being a top scorer, was to choose science for my higher secondary education, but I went against the social rules and opted for ‘Humanities’ in the 12th Grade. Shocking, I know!

I had people come up to me to express disapproval, while concerned relatives and friends even spoke to my parents. I stuck through with my decision and explaining my desire to pursue becoming a psychologist, but parents understood. They became my supporters 💪🏻, and from there my journey has truly begun!

I started studying psychology and I am still doing it. I have a dream, and a goal to impact lives. It may seem too much for a 12th Grade student, but I am working towards that dream. Slowly and steadily 🐢.

Figure out what you want and what your dream is. Then find out how to achieve it and stay true to your belief. Work hard and keep putting in the hours until you finally reach where you want to be; in your personal and professional life! And lastly, never stop dreaming!

“You need to put an enormous effort to make your dreams come true!”

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