Perks of using the FamCard Me - 4X Rewards, Doodles and so much more! πŸ’–

Product Aug 26, 2021

Did FamPay just roll out India's first-ever card with doodles, that is exclusively for teens?! YES, we did. 🀩

Well, what exactly is FamCard Me? πŸ€”

It's a numberless card for teens with doodles on it!  Any teenager in India can design their own personal Visa FamCard Me on the app and make offline payments with it with just a simple tap. It not only allows teens to make NFC-enabled contactless payments on the Visa network in India but also makes the payment process hassle-free and super fast! ⚑️

FamCard Me is not just a card. Issa vibe! 😎

From football to food, name the doodle and you can tattoo it on your FamCard Me that speaks volumes about who you are. Give it a personal touch by personalizing it with hundreds of doodles to choose from along with trendy signature fonts and the sleekest design ever! 🀯

But, what do I get with the FamCard Me?

The FamCard Me provides countless benefits, including 4x rewards on every single spend as well as mind-blowing cashbacks that you would not want to miss out on. It also comes with free subscriptions worth Rs. 3000 of brands like Gaana, Big Basket, and The Visa network is extremely vast and FamCard Me is easily accepted everywhere with just a simple tap and payments are processed faster than ever. πŸ’³

In addition, FamPay has collaborated with Feeding India by Zomato and Give India Foundation for contributing a meal for a child and for COVID-19 relief on every single card purchase.

And, what about the safety features?

Yes! To ensure security for every teen, our cards are made numberless and all the information you need is stored safely on the FamPay app. The App is device lock protected, so if you ever loose your card, you can simply block it through our App. You really don't want to miss out on the coolest card on the safest payments app for teens!

FamPay aims to familiarize teens with the concepts of money management in a safe and fun way! The cards have been designed while keeping in mind the interests of teenagers and to bridge the gap between teenagers and digital payments. πŸ’‘T Want to know more about the FamCard Me? Check this out! -

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