Living Life, GenZ Style 😎

Culture Oct 14, 2020

Teenagers, or as we like to call them, GenZ, are our primary users. Our motive is to build for them a basis to achieve a certain level of financial responsibility and awareness. The main value we follow and believe in is the idea that -

User is our King.
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What matters the most to us is our users' satisfaction and their experience with us, and this is what we are always striving to succeed at. To ensure we are constantly evolving to the likes of our GenZ audience, we closely follow and engage in a variety of similar activities. We tailor our app to our audience's needs.

Here is a brief into how we manage to include user perspective and insights in our day-to-day activities -

Living like GenZ

In order to understand how a teenager from GenZ might view the things we offer, we try to indulge in similar lifestyles to see how we as a brand, can make a difference in their lives (well, that, and also because we think it's fun!). There are a bunch of things we do like them to know them better, which include (but are not limited to):

1. Organize gaming nights

We love these and are always waiting for this time of the week! We had our very own PubG Nights (until before it was banned), Pictionary Nights, and Guess the Movie Nights! We have some real players in our house!

source: tenor

2. We are active on similar apps

The entire Fam is active on apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok (again, until before it was banned). This helped us greatly in keeping track of all the upcoming trends and events and moving around our ideas accordingly!

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3. Use similar lingo

This is something we have gotten more accustomed to than we would like to admit! Our day to conversations are filled with Meme references, abbreviations, and whatnot! (Can’t OK BOOMER us now, can you?)

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Task for all the new joinees

A welcome task we have for everyone who joins is to interact with 5 parents and 5 teenagers. We ask them to learn about their take on financial literacy and responsibility. Conversing with the users brings a lot of insights on what their take is on the current scenario of financial independence for teenagers. It also helps us look at things from a parent’s perspective and develop changes according to their standards of security concerns too.

source: us!

Insights from Friends Of Fam

We are dedicatedly working towards building India’s first GenZ exclusive Community, Β so we maintain a close contact and relationship with our community and are always asking them for inputs, ideas and ways in which we can improve our services and hence, their experience!

source: us, again

Conventional Ways

While all these were our unconventional approaches to obtain user insights and develop, we do go back to good ol’ conventional ways of going through the statistics to understand everything better! Our research team keeps analysing all the data we obtain to make conclusions that we can use to improve on our work and keep getting the love we get.

source: tenor

All that said and talked about, we gather all this data, information, and insights to build on our existing product and also on all the upcoming projects. We massively believe that understanding the needs, ideas, thought process, and demands of the user can help us to look at things from a better and refined perspective. User is indeed our King, we live to satisfy our User and prove worthy of all the love they give us!

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