Jumpstart Your Career!! 5 Unconventional Career Choices for GenZs 💡

Lifestyle Jun 30, 2020

GenZ – the combination of data and duty – are you worried that the global pandemic effect will pause your career plans? Might the pushing back of exams and the results delay your college admissions and competitive exams? Do not be disheartened, for we are all in it together, and you as the smart and sensitive GenZ product, will have some really, really cool choices to try out as your professions, some unconventional career choices for GenZs which did not exist earlier.

To begin with, GenZs’ natural inclination towards the digital domain and their innate understanding of the need to give back to the community makes them the choicest candidate who would maintain a perfect work-life balance even as they choose the best unconventional career choices. Who else has the crispest caption with a photograph and the most entrepreneurial nerve? You know how to maximize effort and savings and you also know how to earn money as a teenager! With this heads-up, your adaptability makes you the generation with the best emotional workforce, certainly well-suited for some unconventional career choices.

Let us look at some rewarding opportunities you could definitely try your hand in:

1. Game Designers 🕹🎮

For a generation whose first playmates are screens, wouldn’t it be a dream to design and enhance games with which you’ve spent your childhood? The running across tunnels, the cutting of fruits, the alignment of jewels, have had a pronounced effect on our growing up. Apart from coding and computer programming languages, a game designer, like a film director, envisions the journey and development of a game. There are many windows to beginning your work in this digital field. While scanning through the best unconventional career choices, you could start off as a tester or grow into a managing program. And the good news? Many universities now have the exact curricula to offer you the degree!  You can check out the University of California which is the leading university in many subjects, including Game Design and Game Art.

2. Social Media Expert🤩

Would it really hurt if you could end up earning money as a teenager through what you enjoy doing most? We are talking about the digital adventure of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Wordpress among other mediums. Most companies these days are hiring dedicated employees for their social media platforms – to highlight their identity online, and build a unique language. If you are already passionate about crisp captions and know your way through the hashtags, studying a digital marketing course (available online) and learning the world of SEOs and keywords could land you with a handsome package! You could always settle for a commission based on the number of hits and likes you earn. Now that’s a challenge we are sure you’d enjoy while choosing one of the best unconventional career options for GenZs or simply to earn money as a teenager! You can check out intern job boards on platforms like Internshala or LinkedIn for such opportunities.

3. Image Consultant 😎

Simply put, they are the go-to dependables! Similar to personal stylists, Image Consultants have a larger responsibility to undertake. As professionals, you will enable clients to make the right alterations in appearance, polish their communication skills and refine their professional behaviour and hence choose one of the best unconventional career choices. You could begin as a freelancer to earn money as a teenager, but will earn as much as a steady salary with the mirage of clients who will want to utilize your talents! The lockdown has given us the opportunity to carry out this job-profile online too. Hence your expertise could be explored digitally as well. A degree in Mass Communication or Personal Relations from colleges like Symbiosis and NMIMS could help, but really it will be your acumen of observation and analyzing which will set you apart with your own language. This profession also utilizes your knowledge of Branding to the fullest! You can intern with well-known image consultants to know more about this field!

4. Nutrition Designer 🥗

Yes, you are the nutritionist with photography skills! The addictive photographs of an enticing menu often make foodies or even a casual scroller groove! While food stylization is a specialized commercial photography branch, aimed to fill the columns across billboards, magazines, menus, cookbooks and social media pages, photographing it with the right knowledge of calories and fitness will elevate your candidature twice-fold. These days apart from HNIs, even corporate houses are employing nutritionists who would design a dedicated menu befitting a hectic lifestyle. Your amateur talent with photography will find meaning in a Nutrition or culinary arts degree, giving you the chance of a great shot at choosing one of the most unconventional career choices. Interning with expert nutritionists would be the best start for someone exploring this field. Chop and shoot!

5. Home-Baker 🍰🧁🎂

Remember those swirls of crème over the cupcake and the perfect slicing of dense brownies? You could not only post your passion online but could actually bake and sell them too! With a growing interest to order from home-bakers, the market has opened up to try out newbies in the business who are ready to offer a taste with a twist. A short crash course in understanding the grammar of precision could aid you in opening your own brand, who knows! It might sound like a good unconventional career choice GenZs would like to try out, one certainly with sweet offerings! You can check out multiple food influencers and check out their Instagram and YouTube pages, that will give you some direction about where to start.

While we have carefully compiled merely five choices, there are many such unconventional career choices for GenZs which are novel in their own space but garnering the attention of the GenZs for their uncharacteristic demand beyond 9 to 5. As you must have noticed, these choices have the power to alter lifestyles and are offering extensive job satisfaction, respectable salaries and above all, a sense of deep fulfilment and purpose. So, go out there and jumpstart your career!

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