How to order a FamCard in less than 5 minutes? πŸ’³

Product Aug 20, 2020

Hello! Are you new to the FamPay app or stuck and do not know how to order a FamCard? Don't worry, we've got your back! Below is a step by step process to grab your FamCard, worth Rs. 500!

New to FamPay? We will help you get started πŸ’ͺ

Step 1 - Open the app. Oh you don't have one? No problem!

If you are an Android user click here to download the app

If you are iOS user click here to download the app

Step 2 - Your friends might forget your name and birthday but we promise you, we won't. Tell us once you open the app and we'll remember it! Cheers to our new friendship πŸ₯‚

Step 3 - Β Now, just like you introduce your friends and tell your parents about 'em, we would love to Β be introduced to them too! Introduce us to them by clicking on the "Heart" icon in the bottom!

P.S : Also that's how you'll get your pocket money! πŸ’°

Step 4 - Ask them to complete steps 1 and 2.

Step 5 - We wouldn't want either of your parents to worry about our friendship. The easiest way to assure security is KYC. First, your parent will complete the KYC and that will permit you to complete yours. If in doubt, check this link out!

Already a user, Welcome back buddy! Lets get you a FamCard

Step 1- Open the app and swipe down to see the FamCard icon and click on it!

Step 2 - Click on the "Order Your FamCard" icon.

Step 3 - The most exciting part of the process is getting to choose your name on the card

Step 4 - Β Tell us your address so we know where to send this sleek happiness when time comes!

Step 5 - Sharing is caring! As part of our referral policies, we come up with customized referral offers for teens to get their FamCard worth Rs 500 for free. Log onto the app, to know the referral offer you've got!

Step 6 - Click on "Place Your Order Card".
Your FamCard is just few miles away!! Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Step 7 - After you receive the most-awaited, "YOUR VERY OWN PREPAID CARD(FamCard)" we want you to complete the last two steps

Activate the card using the "Scan QR" option.

Share this memento of our new found friendship with all other friends!!! We'll be waiting...

Can I have more than one FamCard?

In order to avoid confusion, we have tried keeping it simple. Like you have one ID card in school similarly, you'll have one FamCard. In case you misplace it, or the FamCard gets damaged you'll get a new one!

What can I do with a FamCard?

You can do a number of things with the FamCard. You can shop online, shop offline and best of all, show it off to your friends! Check out the various features of this hot new piece in our latest blog here, and keep swipin'!

What if I don't trust myself with too much money?

Haha, we knew this question was coming! Guess What! We have added an extra feature we have to save you from spending too much money! You can keep a check on the maximum limit you want to spend every transaction. This feature is available for both online and offline transactions. Ain't that handy?

Great, this helps! But what if I have more questions later?

Not an issue. Our support team will come to your rescue! Drop in at hello@fampay.inπŸ€“

( Now that you have time to kill before your FamCard reaches you, read all about your new companion here! )

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