How to go from Awkward to Awesome in Your Teens 🙄→😎

Lifestyle Jun 24, 2020

You’re not a baby, and you’re not an adult. You’re somewhere in between; in your early teens. Things are changing fast. Around you, within you, and even on you. It’s called hitting puberty (say pyoo-bertee). Random hairs are sprouting, a pimple popped up out of nowhere, your heart is fluttering, and it isn’t happening to your bae. Bruhh! What are you gonna do? Hide forever? Yeah right, like that’ll help!

Instead, let’s try something cool; let’s deal with it. Did you ask ‘how’? Here’s a handy guide that will tell you all the things to do during puberty. Okay, not all the things. Just five things that matter the most. So, here we go.

1. Your body changes. (Like you didn’t know that already) 👩‍🦰👨‍🦰

You can see it; your body shape is changing. Girls, you’ll find that you’re putting on weight and menstruation is kicking in. Guys, you’ll notice that you’re getting taller and more muscular. Easy-peasy. It’s all a normal part of puberty. So, exercise and eat healthy to keep fit; cut out fries and colas. 80% of adolescents in India suffer from ‘hidden hunger’, or under-nutrition. Make sure you have a balanced diet.

It’s normal to get pimples and blackheads and spots in adolescence. Blame the changing hormones in your body. Don’t touch the pimples, and they’ll disappear automatically in a couple of days. Pubic hair and body hair are also natural when you’re hitting puberty, so don’t fret too much about it. Bathe every day and use a good a deodorant to stay fresh and beat the body odour because yes, BO is natural too. Before you facepalm, read what WebMD says, “BO happens at puberty because of increasing hormones called androgens.”

2. You feel mood swings and many other things 🎭

Feeling ‘meh’? It’s normal to have mood swings and feel like you can't control your feelings when you’re hitting puberty. You feel positive and happy one second, and tearful or grumpy the next. Again, it’s your hormones doing a ‘bhangra’ dance inside your body. You might even feel self-conscious or have low self-esteem about your pimples or your new body shape during adolescence.

In time, your hormones will tone down, and the mood swings will become less extreme. Meanwhile, avoid binging on junk and sweets, or even on Netflix. It’s quite okay to catch Young Sheldon, Brain Quiz or your other favourite shows at times, but for a quick mood fix, try this: Slowly inhale and exhale to a count of five. Repeat five times and see the difference!

3. Got the ‘feels’ for someone? Chill, that’s normal too 😍

During teenage life, it’s normal to have a crush on someone you admire. The way he/she walks, the personality, the style; you could think the person is ‘lit’ for any reason. They’re on your mind night and day, maybe saying romantic stuff to you, in your imagination.

So, here’s the thing: It’s natural to be attracted, but don’t do anything hasty. Being outspoken or making the first move isn’t always a good idea. And, ouch, it could hurt if the other person doesn’t feel the same way. The mature way to deal with the issue is to speak to an adult for support. Focus on what’s important at this stage in your life, on your dreams and your need to grow. Instead of limiting your attention to one person, develop more interests and passions, meet new people, and make new friends.

4. You want everyone to think you’re cool 🤩

They call you Generation Z or GenZ kids. The toughest thing about being GenZ is the pressure of fitting in with groups, and people who you think are cool. Tell you a secret? Nobody is cool. Who you think is cool, could be uncool for someone else. So, it’s best not to try too hard, not to follow fashion trends or anything else, just because ‘cool people’ do it.

Be your version of cool. Set your trends. Say ‘no’ to drugs and negative peer pressure. Choose your own style combinations. Manage your own expenses smartly with the cool FamCard that you can use even when you go shopping. Play the sports you enjoy. Hang out with your real friends and like them for real. These are the cool things to do during puberty. And, it’s how you build deep bonds in the long run. When you put on an act, it’s fake; and fake isn’t cool.

5. Feeling confused and lost is a part of teenage life; seek help 🤗

Remember three things: Firstly, everyone goes through these changes during adolescence. So, relax and don’t get all awkward. Secondly, puberty hits each person at their own time, so it’s okay if your besties don’t feel these changes yet; they will, eventually. Thirdly, this passing phase of adolescence is your pathway to a beautiful body and mind.

It’s natural to feel all mixed up and have many, many questions about your body, your feelings, sex, relationships, and more. When you feel confused, remember, your family is GOAT. Yeah, the greatest of all time. So, speak to your elder siblings, parents or grandparents for advice and support. Tell them your worries, and they’ll help.

There you go. These were some of the things to do during puberty, to be on your path to awesomeness! With a balanced diet, regular exercise, clean grooming habits, and a large dose of self-confidence, you’re all set for teenage life. Go on, you slay!

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