Guide for seeking support from FamPay: Important Dos βœ… and Don'ts β›”

Teens Apr 21, 2021
Imagine this: You and your squad hung out last weekend, and you chose the best way of settling the bill and made sure all your homies got FamPaid. πŸ’ƒπŸ» Unfortunately, one of your payments got stuck. You use the customer support link to register a complaint, and even slide into our DMs to let us know of the mishap.

FamPay understands that you want a status update regarding your complaint as soon as possible. We know that it can be quite frustrating to wait for your query resolution while it's swimming in the ocean of queries that get registered with us. 🌊

We're here to help make things easier for both of us and throw light on some guidelines you can follow while registering a complaint with us and waiting for it to get resolved. πŸ’‘

What are things you should NOT do?

Share any OTPs: FamPay will never ask for your OTP, password, or pin number. We do not need this information in order to solve your issue. If you get contacted by someone asking you for this information, stop communicating with them at once. ❌

Give out TMI: Although there's some information that we do need to find a solution to your problem, it's always minimal and safe to share. Do not give out too much information - including passwords and OTPs, even when asked for. 🚫

Download any apps: FamPay will never ask you to download any extra Payment Apps in order to solve your query or make a refund. The one application you need is the FamPay app itself, nothing more. πŸ“²

Scan QR codes: Never scan any QR codes sent to you during a query resolution procedure. FamPay never asks you to scan QR codes to initiate refunds or solve any other issue. This might be a scam and we highly advise you to stop communicating with the person immediately. πŸ™…πŸ»

Refer to non-official websites/channels for customer support: Seeking information from random websites or non-authorized phone numbers in order to get your complaint registered faster is a no-go.❌ Avoid random customer care numbers posted on social media by individuals/accounts posing as FamPay! The best place to find information is on official communication channels of FamPay. While it may look like other blogs and websites make things easier for you, there's a high chance that the information offered by them is inaccurate, even dangerous at times.

What are the things you should do? πŸ€”

Use our official Customer Support Channels: The easiest way is the best way, right? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Contact us via our official channels to get your query resolved ASAP. You can contact us via our Chat Support Link! - This is our official support channel to raise queries, please do not reach out on any phone numbers you find online on third party sites - they are usually fake!

Share relevant information: Hate when complaint registration feels like an exam? 😩 Well, to make the process shorter and easier for you, mention relevant details from the beginning. These would be things like - your registered mobile number, transaction reference ID and a brief description of your issue. Keep in mind, we don't need sensitive information like passwords, OTPs and pin number.

When in doubt, ask: Facing an issue and not sure how to proceed? You can resort to dropping us a message in our Instagram DMs. πŸ“© Use this as a special tool only, usually your query will be resolved faster and better via our official customer support channels.

Be patient: We understand how difficult it is to wait! 😟However, it is always advisable to be patient after you've registered a complaint. This prevents duplicate complaints about the same issue, which slows down things even further. Complain once and complain well, as funny as that sounds, it should be your motto! 😎

What are some precautions that you can take? ⛑️

Read about relevant topics: An aware teen is a smart teen! 🀩 With great power comes great responsibility, and now that you have your separate financial identity with FamPay, it's a good idea to read about safe-keeping of your account, information and money. Some blogs that we recommend reading for your awareness are:

  1. Beware of these 6 frauds while making UPI payments (Economic Times)
  2. 4 common UPI scams you should know about
  3. Why do online payments get stuck and what should you do when this happens?

Look out for red flags: 🚩 There are some red flags that you should look out for, whenever you're registering your complaint or seeking a solution to your issue. These red flags can be...

  1. Vague answers
  2. Suggestions to download a separate payment app
  3. Asking you to scan a QR code
  4. Making you download mirroring apps such as AnyDesk
  5. Asking for bank details or debit card information
  6. Asking for OTPs, passwords and pin numbers

If you suspect any of these things are happening during your query resolution process, please stop communicating with the person at once. πŸ™…πŸ»

Reach out to the FamPay community: Identified a red flag, didn't get your query resolved yet, or have other questions? πŸ” You can reach out to us on our Instagram page, or join our Discord community 'Friends of Fam' via our app's club section. FamPay's community will take your feedback seriously, and we will help you in the best way possible!

Stay smart, savvy and safe, Fam! 🧑

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