From a self-taught programmer since age 9 to becoming a CEO at 15

Teenpreneurs Sep 25, 2019

Success. It’s a relative term. Essentially, it refers to the accomplishment of a goal or aim. For some, that might mean finding happiness or wealth 💵. For others, it could mean improving other people’s lives.

Innovation, creativity and fast growth are important when being a technology entrepreneur, and having a passion for pursuing these risks is what makes entrepreneurship so exciting!

Hello readers, my name is Advait Thakur. I’m a 16 y/o Internet entrepreneur & founder of Apex Infosys, an IT & Digital marketing company headquartered in India. My entrepreneurship journey began with the purpose to help NGOs gain exposure through the internet. Being fascinated with technology, I never pictured that I would bring immense value to society and gain the financial freedom and recognition I have done today.

The Beginning of my Journey

Since an early age, I have been a curious kid always fascinated with technology 💻. I would see a gadget and wonder how does it work, and how it was made, its purpose and function as well.

Advait Thakur - From a self-taught programmer since age 9 to becoming a CEO at 15 - FamPay Image 1
At Future Of Learning Summit 2019, Nehru Center, Mumbai.

It was during that time that I was introduced to video gaming. I was an avid player and using the popular gaming console 🎮 of the time, play station, at my cousin’s place was one of my favorite past time. My story began when I requested my parents to buy me one at home as well!

Of course, they refused to buy me one as they felt that it would have a bad impact on my mind. At that time my anger knew no bounds but they were firm on their refusal and I think that one decision completely shaped my life differently!

I got my first internet access when I was eight and I began web-surfing.
My dad 🧓🏼 introduced me to computer basics like FoxPro and MS-Dos when I was six, which led me down the rabbit hole of learning online. I went through hundreds of blogs and forums when I had difficulties solving any issue and I took a couple of courses on Udacity and Coursera for learning about AI and Machine Learning as well. YouTube also helped me a lot in learning about new tech and DIY Projects.

One of the craziest incidents I remember was when my Dad bought an android device 📱. It was very a new concept for everyone back then and out of my curiosity I tried to mess up with its firmware in the hope of discovering something new but ended up breaking the phone apart. Of course, my parents were mad at me, but I think that tinkering habit paved the way to learn and experiment with new things and eventually lead to who I am today. It was through trial and error and a curiosity to know more, that my childhood flourished.

“Have the courage to follow your heart & intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” — Steve Jobs

An important trait of any entrepreneur according to me is risk-taking. We tend to view risk-taking negatively ❌, often regarding it as dangerous and even unwise. But while some risks don’t pay off, it’s important to remember that some do. I feel that we should all reframe the idea of risk as an opportunity to succeed rather than a path to failure.

In 2015, an NGO approached me regarding help to get them an online presence. They approached me through my mother’s reference as she was an integral part of that organization. While helping these NGOs I learned various things about digital media as I was not a professional developer back then. I invested in various certification courses like Google AdWords, Analytics & Digital Sales. I am also the youngest of Microsoft’s Bing & Hubspot Inbound Certified Professional.

While working with them, I noticed that there are a lot of NGOs doing great work but they aren’t able to showcase their work to the world. And the wall which resisted them was the overpriced Digital Media industry 🎞. So to help these NGOs get their presence online, I started Apex Business Solutions as a digital agency which eventually ended up being my first tech startup, primarily involved in IoT, Artificial Intelligence & being a part of the healthcare sector; Apex Infosys India.

Professional & Personal Recognition

Advait Thakur - From a self-taught programmer since age 9 to becoming a CEO at 15 - FamPay Image 3
In picture: Collin Marson, APAC Head Of Google For Education

I eventually started getting recognition for my work. I was also felicitated by our Cabinet minister for Social Justice, Hon. Rajkumar Badole. He officially launched an app developed by me called “Autism Awareness” for Google Assistant which helps people to learn about autism and related disorders and their symptoms. I was also amongst 100 shortlisted winners of Summer With Google 2018. Recently I was titled ‘Most Influential Youth Marketing Leaders Of 2019’ by Global Youth Marketing Forum presented by Times Group, CMO Asia, and World Federation Of Marketing Professionals. I was continuously featured in magazines like India Today, CEO Insights, and various newspapers 📰.

Currently, I am working on an IoT startup to make smart home devices accessible to each and everyone, and my dream is making India the #1 Country to create over 20 billion devices 🕹by 2025!

Lastly, I credit my rapid success to my parents and teachers, who have nurtured me and helped me cope with demanding studies and are proud of my work. They provided me with the right exposure and resources when I needed them the most. Had it not been for my family’s support, I wouldn’t be working toward my dream with such fervour. I have always had their unconditional support and guidance, and I am very grateful for their trust in me as I pursue my passion in life.

“I don’t have a fear of failure instead I am afraid not to try!”

So that’s a wrap, FamPayers! If you loved reading this post, stay tuned to us for more such reads on learning, building and collaborating.

It’s exciting to be a part of FamPay community. Join me at!

Advait Thakur: Mumbai, India

Advait Thakur

17 y/o Indian entrepreneur, Founder & CEO, Apex Infosys India. Co-Founder, Crophle Inc. Hottest Young Entrepreneur Of 2019 by India Today.

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