FamPay- the solution to your cash problems! 😎

Product May 25, 2020

We know you have been struggling with cash payments ever since parents started giving you money to make purchases, whether it is to get groceries, or have school canteen lunch, or to buy stationery, or to treat your friends on your birthday. You never seem to know where you are spending all that money, and asking mom-dad for cash constantly can be bothering for them.

While the whole world has been so motivated to shift to cashless, there wasn't any digital solution for teens so that they wont have to carry those heavy wallets anywhere,....well, not until 2020!

Now, its time for things to change, coz' we have launched FamPay just for you!

What is FamPay?

FamPay as the name suggests is a prepaid card app for your family! We created this app specially for teenagers as they did not have any payments platform earlier where they could pay among family and friends. Its a sleek, classy app with plenty of features for the new generation teenagers!

Let's explore what you can do with FamPay!

Create you family account using FamPool

Using FamPool, you can create a family Group account where you can add your parents, siblings and even your Β grandparents. Chat with each other, send grocery lists, send money, pay bills, you can do a host of things when you have your whole family on the Group!

Parents can send money to you

Whether its for your expenses, or as pocket money, or as your earnings for household chores πŸ€—, with FamPay app, parents can send money to you; in two ways -

  1. They can pay to the FamPool account - This is the Group account created for your family where you can add your siblings / grandparents / etc. Parents will be able to track where the money is spent from this account.
  2. They can pay to your personal wallet - This is your personal account where parents can send you money. They won't be able to see where you spend it, so spend it wisely!

You can send money to each other

Friend's birthday and you have to pool in Rs 100 but you are short on cash? Not an issue anymore! Now your friends can transfer money to you anytime you want. You can create a Friends Group on FamPay where its so easy to request and send money.

You can pay at a Store

With FamCard, our prepaid card for teens, you can pay at any store you want! Request for a FamCard using the app, and it will arrive at your doorstep in a week! Read our blog FamCard (backlink) to know more about your first prepaid card!

Self-limit your spends

An extra feature we have to save you from spending too much money! You can keep a check on the maximum limit you want to spend every transaction. This feature is available for both online and offline transactions. Ain't that handy?

Share what you bought on your feed

Feed is where you can see all your friends activity on the app. You can post your activity where you and your friends can react on your updates. After all, what's life without sharing it with your friends.

Join a community

At FamPay, we have built communities for the new generation GenZ teens! We host webinars, workshops, challenges and what not! You can join any of them from our website www.fampay.in. Β Stay tuned, more programs and events coming up!

Interested to go digital?

Download the app now via App Store / Play Store!

Don't forget to read the Onboarding KYC guide to learn how to get KYC done after installing the app.

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