Evolution of Parenting - Parent of a Millennial vs Parent of a GenZ kid

Parents Aug 7, 2020

If your adolescent child is the one updating you on the latest apps, rest assured, it’s perfectly normal. Generation Z or GenZ, the new breed of more ambitious, communicative, and technology-native children, is distinct from the millennials.

As the parent of a GenZ kid, you need to ensure that you keep pace with the evolution of parenting. It’s a case of parent of a GenZ kid vs. the parent of a millennial.

So, here’s a handy guide on how parenting has evolved from one generation to the next, with some tips for adapting your parenting style to your GenZ kid’s needs:

The evolution of parenting: Millennials vs. GenZ

Parents were decision-makers then, facilitators now

The millennial parent vs. GenZ parent story is an interesting one. Remember the time when your parents made all the decisions for you? Parents of most millennials choose their schools, clothes, which books to read and more, giving them a few choices to indulge in. In contrast, GenZ is individualistic and gets global information at a touch. GenZ kids make their own decisions, or at least influence them strongly. The difference between a millennial parent vs. a GenZ parent is definitive too. As a parent, you need to nurture this independent spirit and guide your adolescent child to make well-informed decisions.

Parents covered expenses earlier; kids expect pocket money today.

Millennials vs. GenZ have different attitudes towards money. In the good old days, you were happy if you got a little cash on a special occasion. Your parents did all the spending. Your GenZ kid expects pocket money regularly, preferably cashless. The bright side? Several studies reveal that GenZ kids aim to spend more pragmatically than other generations.

GenZ kids are socially active, brand conscious, and have more spending options than millennials. As a loving parent, you need to cross this divide between the parent of a GenZ kid vs. the parent of a millennial. You need to develop financial literacy in your GenZ kid from an early age.

Parents rejected failure earlier, are more accepting today

This is yet another difference between parents of a GenZ kid vs. parents of a millennial. Millennials were raised to believe that failure is an unacceptable outcome. They grew up valuing stability. GenZ kids are creative and express themselves freely on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. Teens today, begin their career early and make unconventional career choices. Moreover, according to the India results of the Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019, more Indian GenZ kids (68%) aspire to be wealthy and achieve seniority in their career, than global GenZ respondents (56%). Being a millennial parent vs. a GenZ parent is a whole different set of challenges. As a GenZ parent, you can take the evolution of parenting in your stride and teach your kid how to embrace failure as the stepping stone to success.

Parents were worried about bullying then, cyberbullying now

Millennial parents vs. GenZ parents face different issues. Millennials, including yourself, may have created a Facebook account only at about 15 years of age. Today’s children below 18, immersed in smartphones, experience every facet of technology. As the parent of a GenZ kid, you need to equip your child to deal with new-age issues such as cyberbullying, body shaming, trolling, obscenity, and more. The millennials vs. GenZ divide just took a whole new turn.

Sounds overwhelming? Too many contrasts between being the parent of a GenZ kid vs the parent of a millennial? Worried about how to cross the chasm of millennials vs. GenZ? You need not be.

There are different learnings for the parent of a GenZ kid vs. the parent of a millennial.

However, with a few changes, let’s discover how you can adapt your parenting style to raise your GenZ kid to be an independent, empowered individual— presenting a few simple tips.  

1. Be supportive, be positive

Sure, it can be unnerving at times to watch them make mistakes, but let’s allow our teens to make basic decisions independently. Involve your child when making financial decisions, such as the household budget. Born in the times of the economic recession, GenZ kids are savings-oriented and practical. Encourage this savings habit with tools like FamPay, India’s first payments app for teens. You can open a FamPay Savings Account for your child, where he/she can save money, even without a bank account, for a specific goal such as buying a new gadget.

2. Build confidence, encourage independence

Gift your child the ability to manage money. Inculcate financial discipline in your child, teach them concepts like ‘rate of interest’ and ‘returns on investment’, early in life. Teach your child about spending prudently and limiting the urge to overspend. Enable them to go cashless with FamCard, a prepaid card that they can use for spending at stores across India. You could also open a FamPool family account that your child can use as well.

3. Take an active interest in your child’s interests

The evolution of parenting means that you, as a parent, need to evolve too. Accept your child for who he/she is. Go beyond and show that you care. Take an active interest in what goes on in his/her life. Do your own research online for the unconventional career that your child wants to pursue. Join him/her in exploring the choices that could open up. Drop a like or comment on posts where your child expresses himself/herself. Turn photographer when he/she tries on a new outfit or a style. Do the little things that show you’re in sync with his/her dreams.

4.  Do the things he/she loves

Have you checked out the apps that your child enjoys? Download and use them yourself, even if it’s just for a short while. Play PubG together, post your family vacation pictures on Instagram, watch his/her favourite shows together. Spend time doing the things he/she loves.

A small gesture: Keep your smartphone aside when speaking to your child. In a moment, you can teach your GenZ kid the value of respect and love. Create an environment of openness, so that your kid feels comfortable discussing problems with you.

So, how about a chat to connect with your GenZ kid right now? Go ahead, strengthen your most special bond for life!

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