Everything you need to know about our Numberless Card! πŸ’³

Product Jul 22, 2020

Ever wondered why your debit/credit card carries the 16-digit number? Its a unique identifier that you use when you are making online transactions. You pull out the card from your wallet, enter the 16-digit and voila! - the Shopping site now knows its your card from where they should debit the money!πŸ˜ƒ

But what if there was a simpler solution, that will avoid the walk from your comfort zone till your wallet? What if while you are browsing the shopping site on your phone, you can copy the 16 digit pin easily and paste it to continue the transaction? πŸ‘ŒπŸ€‘

Simple innovations begin by asking the question"why"! We started in 2019 by asking the question "Why should digital payments be for people of age 18 and above?" Less than a year later, we ask again "Why should cards have numbers?" Turns out, they don't need to!

In our efforts to push the boundaries of innovation by constantly challenging the norms, we have launched India's first numberless card, and unlike the rest of the cards, this is not for 18 and above, its for teenagers! πŸ€΄πŸ‘Έβœ¨

FamCard is the first of its kind numberless card that teenagers can now use to make payments online/offline independently, relieving parents of the trouble of giving them cash or their credit/debit card.

Ok, I get it, you have launched a card for teenagers, but what's the big deal about Numberless?!

We're glad you asked! FamPay is for teenagers and their families. And teenagers haven't been using digital payments until now. So they are kinda new to the whole world of digital payments, UPI, Cards, and we have to make sure their payments are safe and secure.

Its a 1+ level secure!

FamCard has no numbers on the physical card which makes it very secure. The card number and other details (expiry date, CVV) are stored securely within the FamPay app instead of being printed on the physical card. So, if a teen loses the card, there’s no fear of card information getting disclosed. Plus, the card can be paused, blocked and managed at fingertips on the app. Additionally, all the card details within the app can be accessed only with device lock like fingerprint, face ID, pattern lock or PIN.

We don't stop here! We have added an extra feature we have to save you from spending too much money! You can keep a check on the maximum limit you want to spend every transaction. This feature is available for both online and offline transactions. Ain't that handy?

Contactless in the age of Corona

FamCard has a special feature of β€œFlash PIN”, which is dynamic and is generated for every transaction. Teens can just flash this PIN to the cashier for offline payments, without the need of entering the PIN by themselves on the POS machines, allowing for true contactless payments amidst COVID-19.

No frills for the no-nonsense generation

When the number is not required for either online or offline transactions, then why have it in the first place? EXACTLY! Cards carrying the 16 digit number have been used for years now, but this number is not really required on the card when transacting offline. As FamCard has no numbers, all the card details are saved on the FamPay app and there is no need to refer to the physical card to fill in details during online transactions. FamCard is an innovative product in the sense of utility, one in a few across the world and the first in India - a perfect no frills product for the no-nonsense generation, Gen-Z!

Designed for the best

Did you know that Gen-Z teens are the coolest generation of all times? Don't believe us? Well, just look them up! They are tech savvy, empaths and woke! Any product that addresses their needs will have to resonate with their vibe. FamCard’s design is minimalist with only relevant information displayed on it. It is a sleek and vertical card that matches their aesthetic style. The unconventional vertical card design is already a hit with the GenZ, who are excited as the card can be personalized. Numberless design will last longer because there are no numbers to fade with the passage of time.

Hmmm, so anybody could have created a numberless card, no biggie, right?

NOPE! Anybody could have, but didn't. And it is a big deal. Making a numberless card was not an easy option for anyone until now, because there were plenty of processes and systems already that manufacture a card a certain way. And don't get us started on the backend systems. There was a lot of unlearning and re-learning that we executed with the card manufacturers, approvers and issuers. After months of hard work and perseverance from the FamPay team, and with the support of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the numberless card in India has become a reality, which can be achieved by anyone now. But we'd like to believe the first time's the charm πŸ€—

Interesting, can I use this card everywhere?

Yes! You can use it everywhere - Online/ Offline! Famcard works just like any other bank's Debit card!

Offline: Buying groceries for mom at your kirana store? Need quick stationery from the shop downstairs? Wanna surprise dad by paying for petrol/diesel while he is getting it filled? FamCard can do all of this for you. It works at all merchant outlets accepting RuPay cards. Don't forget to be safe and use contactless payment option - the Flash PIN! ⚑

Online: You can book an Ola/Uber and pay for it using FamCard. You can order food online on Swiggy and pay for it using FamCard. You want to buy something for mom on Amazon - yes, you guessed it right! You can use FamCard. The 16-digit number that Famcard does not carry is stored on your app. So just copy it from your app and paste it on the payments page, along with validity (mm/yyyy) and CVV which is also available on the app. Voila, there you go!

Wow, this is great. How does it look when it arrives?

Haha! We won't answer this one for you, we will show you how our GenZs have unboxed their FamCard!!

I'm convinced, how can I get one? 😍

If you are a teen, download our app, get the KYCs done and apply for the card! If you are a parent of a teen, get your teen their first card!

If you are neither a teen nor a parent of a teen, fret not, just download our app with your family, and enjoy the world of digital payments. Though our numberless card is exclusively available to teenagers only, we'll soon launch it for you too. πŸš€

Catch Kush Taneja, our Co-Founder talk about the numberless card, Flash PIN and other features on Startup Street at CNBC live!
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