Décor ideas that would transform your room at home or hostel🎨

Lifestyle Sep 28, 2021

Living the teenage life is all about exploring the world and finding the best ways to express yourself. To do that and juggle studies, tuitions, internships, your social life is not a cake walk and keeps you on your toes all day. After all is, when your room is all untidy and boring, it feels like another day where you'd need to drag yourself around. But imagine having a beautiful room or a wall or even a desk (if you share with your siblings and hostel roomies. sigh.) where you could just forget everything and be inspired to start hustling again. As you know, FamPay is all about personalization, so here are a few ideas to personalize your room! 😜

Fairy Lights are literally magic ✨

Is it even room decor if it doesn't have those fairy lights. You can never go wrong with some yellow or white fairy lights. After a tiring of day of school and tuitions, you will get back home to a hearty meal, some Netflix and your magical fairy lights to help you relax. Protip - you can clip a few pictures on your fairly lights too!

Colorful posters that really inspire you! 💡

If you ever feel like your life is a movie and you are the main character, you're definitely as filmy as us. Having your favorite movies, songs lyrics, dialogues, up on a wall to inspire you everyday is all you need.

Freshen up your days with some greens 🌵

Don't let your room be lifeless, add some green and life to your room to freshen up your days. There a bunch of indoor plants like Fitonnia, fern, bamboo, money plant, cacti, etc that will also help freshen up the air in your room.

A study table to keep your head in the game 🎯

An organized study table helps you get into the focus mode. A pen stand, a small lamp and a calendar is all you need for a minimalist desk setup to keep you away from distractions  and study well. Try to keep your desk near the window so that some natural light is coming in when you study.

Glow in the dark stickers are a treat for the eyes 🌟

While all of us just want to someday lay under the open sky star gazing and sleep to that sight. Let's just say that's not very comfortable (mosquitos are the worst!) and safe. What is a good substitute are these super affordable and cool stickers that glow in the dark.

Some fancy drapes to fly those gloomy days away 🌤

Sometimes, you don't need the natural light and the green plants, but a little bit of shade to help you feel calm and put together. Well, some good old curtains to the rescue. Having drapes near your window will legit help you set the mood for your room. Feeling fresh and breazy - drapes off, feeling lazy and ready to chill - drapes on and lights off.

Light coloured, clean bedsheets are a game changer 🎲

Having a dark coloured or cluttered bed sheets gives your mind a signal of chaos and unrest. If you need any motivation to change your bedsheets every week and make your bed everyday in the morning, it's this - a clean bed helps your mind stay clutter free and fresh. Go ahead, try it, and thank us later 😊

And that's it ✨This is your starter pack of an aesthetic, calming life living in your own world for a bit - be it your room or hostel. Hope this lightens up you room!

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