Curious about FamCard?💳 Here’s everything to know: FAQs by teens on FamCard

Product Jan 25, 2021

Hi, my name is Shifa and I work in the Customer Success team at FamPay. A typical day for our team involves resolving user queries, answering product related questions and using the user feedback to improve the product. BTW, we have recently delivered our 50,000th FamCard. Woohoo!

Most of you teens want to know more about our star product- FamCard, and I have decided to answer some of the top questions on FamCard we receive on our customer chat, here goes!

💳 What is FamCard?

FamCard is a prepaid card specially designed for FamPay users. As soon as you create an account with us, you'll be able to access your card in the app for all your online purchases. To swipe the card at offline merchants, you need to place an order for the physical card.

Watch my debut video here:

FamCard's debut video

⭐ How is it different from a debit/ credit card?

FamCard is just like a debit card. It is prepaid, so you have to add money into your FamPay account (or you can get your parents to add it for you) and then you can use the card to spend that money online/offline. You can even track your expenses on the app!

It is not a credit card, that means you won’t be able to use it if the payment amount exceeds your account balance. But there are some credit card features that we have enabled 🤩. We have introduced something so rewarding just for you - FamCoins  - so every payment you do from the FamCard will get you a chance to earn FamCoins! (pretty much the rewards of a credit card, right?!)

First swipe down on your home screen reveals your card 
Second swipe down reveals your card information (CVV and 16 digit number)

What's more? Unlike other debit/credit cards, this is Numberless - meaning, 16 digit card number and CVV is not printed on the physical card. Instead, they are available only on the app, making it safe from misuse just in case you lose the card! Extra secure, right? You can block/pause your card on the app if lost/stolen.

FamCard - Numberless and Secure

🤩 Can I customize my FamCard?

Of course, you can! Go crazy on the personalization. Before you place the card order, personalize your card and if you wanna be named Batman, then you get a card with that name!

Personalize your FamCard with any name you want

🚛 How can I order a FamCard

Easy-peasy! You can order the card from the app. Just go on the card screen, click on order card, fill in your details and we'll deliver it at your doorstep.

⏲ How much time does it take to deliver a FamCard?

We try to ensure your FamCard reaches you in 10-14 working days. But sometimes, the courier team might take extra time, because they really work hard and have a lot of deliveries to do!

🖲 How can I track my FamCard?

You can do that on the app! You will be able to track your FamCard on the card screen. Just click on Track order on that screen and you can track your FamCard until it reaches your doorstep.

📇 Where can I use the FamCard?

All our cards are registered on the RuPay network. FamCard can be used everywhere in India where RuPay cards are accepted online and offline (across 40+ million merchants)

For those who were waiting for FamCard to be swiped at non-RuPay terminals, here's a good news coming soon for you!

You can swipe your FamCard in person or transfer money digitally on all your favourite sites, such as Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, etc.

Book your movie tickets, get a cab, buy a gift, grab a snack! Wherever there's a fun-way, there's FamPay!

A range of stores available on the FamPay app to swipe your FamCard!

⚡ Where can I view the Card Number and CVV?

Every card has a unique 16-digit number called the card number and a 3 digit CVV code. Your FamCard's number and CVV is stored in your app and can be found in the virtual card section of the app. Just click on the eye symbol and enter your phone passcode and you can view the CVV.

🔢 Once I get a FamCard, How do I generate a pin?

Every FamCard comes with an instruction leaflet with steps to activate it. You would ideally set the PIN for your FamCard while activating the card itself.. Don’t worry, if you forgot the PIN, you can go to card settings and click on ‘Change PIN’ to set a new one.

🏧 Can I withdraw cash using a FamCard?

Nope, you cannot! You can always transfer the money in your FamPay account to any other bank account to withdraw money. But we strongly advocate avoiding cash to stay safe and contactless and also to promote the growth of India's digital payments! 🙌

If you already have a FamCard hope these questions help you navigate through the next steps. If you don’t have a FamCard yet, what are you waiting for?!!

Got some more questions on FamCard? Drop us an email at

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