Creating & Protecting our “Future”

Teenpreneurs Sep 23, 2019

Hi peeps! My name is Kavya Gupta, your average guy next door, studying in grade 10. Inspired by the ‘Father of our Nation’ that each one of us can bring about a change, I started an initiative six months ago against global warming 🌫. Since then, I aim to encourage and educate students and individuals to do their part in helping out the community.

The Beginning 🌝

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It all started when I was traveling back to my hometown of Kanpur from Lucknow. Looking outside the window at the passing scenery, I was able to see industries and chimneys 🏭 nearly every ten miles, putting out huge amounts of smoke as they continued working. This wasn’t just any smoke, but poisonous fumes harmful to our atmosphere! However, when I began ranting about this to every second person I met, I realized how talking wasn’t going to be enough to make a point.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” — M.K. Gandhi 👴🏾

‘Bhavishy’ isn’t just an initiative focusing on environmental impact on the community, but it as a whole, focuses on the influence of our future. Our planet 🌏, our environment, and our surrounding are what sustains us, and if the conditions aren’t sustainable, we won’t be able to have a future we want! Rising temperatures and global warming are doing just that!

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A session with Expert for educating the team members on the importance of Climate Change

This is daunting to hear, but instead of ignoring the signs, I want every student to realize there role in shaping a future not only for us but for our future generations as well. To date, I have been able to convince about 40 individuals about this, and we together at ‘Bhavishy Foundation’ try to fulfill our duties towards the environment and the community.

We have planted around 2000 trees. I realized that as students we don’t have the power of stopping those smoke-spitting industries, so instead, we can do something within our power and capacity. To neutralize the effects of these industries, we try and plant as many trees as possible. It may seem small, but the benefits of a greener environment are plenty, including a pretty neighborhood and fresh clean air!

Work towards change, and watch as others join in to create a movement!

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I truly believe that as you grow, you take everyone on the journey along with you. Spending hours scrolling and chatting on social media websites may bring a smile on your face 🤗, but if you use this time wisely to help the poor, the suffering, their blessings can make your heart smile! And trust me, these blessings do work.

When you start dreaming selflessly, you start on the path of earning happiness.

Bhavishy recently gave me what nothing else could have ever given — Family Fulfilment! I was at an event delivering a speech about what ‘Bhavishy’ is all about when something happened that made me feel on the top of the world. After my speech got over, my father was called on stage, and as soon as he went on and told people that he’s my Dad 👨‍👦, I could hear loud claps all over. The smile on his face filled with pride was what every child works for. I felt this is what I wanted in my life!

If I wouldn’t have had the courage to start this initiative I probably wouldn’t have felt as fulfilled and satisfied as I did at that moment. Now, as I pursue my goal of expanding the ‘Bhavishy Foundation’ family, I make sure to ask every single student I meet whether they believe in our responsibilities towards the community and the environment. Or should everyone just focus on good grades and video games 🎮 to live a happy life?

Success will come after a combination of factors. But without courage, nothing works.

You can follow our work on Instagram @bhavishyfoundation as we start working towards providing equal opportunities to the underprivileged children.

I am thankful to FamPay for giving me an opportunity to share my story. It’s exciting to be a part of this community. Join me at!

Kavya Gupta: Kanpur, India

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