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Growth Feb 10, 2021

As a brand built for and focused around Gen Z, we, at FamPay have talked multiple times about the evolution of this youngest generation at hand. And while we acknowledge that generations exist on a continuum and that there is a large degree of individual variation within them, we can't help ignore the macro trends that exist among age groups that nudge us to better build and customize a product exclusive to an average teen, in our case Β - The Indian Teen.

As global connectivity soars, this Generation Z (practically born on the internet and thus now thriving on it) has more palatability to digital communities than any generation before. Gen Zs don't much discriminate between friends they meet online from ones they interact with, in person. Β With the upshot of the Coronavirus Pandemic, what seemed like a new normal for the rest of the world, came only as a heightened reality for Gen Z - the inevitable forced before time.

As the line between the online and the offline blurs, so do the confines of community engagement.

And in an attempt to break exactly these engagement confines, FamPay introduces to you:

Clubs - an in app teen exclusive community 😍

Yeet, Tell me all about it!

To put it plainly, the FamPay Club is a close community of teenagers that aims to arm them with Β access to an exclusive band of teen peers along with a pool of opportunities to Learn, Earn, and Grow.

Okay, but tell me how?

Glad you asked. Consider the L-earning, E-arning, G-rowing as literally the LEG on which the Club agenda stands on. Now come along, as we give you a verbal tour around our Fam Club - LEGGOO!

Starting off with the Learning Hubspot πŸ“š

Grab a seat at The Fam Academy - a world of knowledge and resources tailor made for the teenage mind to empower, enrich and assist them through their academic and professional journey.

At the Fam Academy, you can

  • Take a Masterclass with Industry Experts on offbeat subjects with Out Of Syllabus
  • Seek mentorship by scholars from premium institutes like IITs with Phone a Friend
  • Connect with professional career counselors to seek guidance through Career Counselling

Additionally, The Unread makes for a cosy reading corner for informational blogs (like this one) served to you on a light and digestible financial platter.

'nuff learnt, tell me about the $$ now!

Okay there, curious cat, before you dig into your treat, let us first talk about the star ingredient - The FamCoin. The FamCoin is the digital currency that runs throughout the FamPay app and can be burned to access offers, discounts, rewards, premium services, and LOTS of other priveleges.

Now how to Earn these FamCoins πŸ€‘

Though the Club is not the only section of the app that can help you earn or burn FamCoins, it's definitely where they come packaged with the most amount of fun.

So you're a genius know-it all geek? Take our fun trivia quizzes at Quizzader and win exciting prizes.

You're a team e-sports and gaming enthusiast? Participate in our multiple Discord Gaming Events on Club and win prizes.

You're a...wait you just want free gifts? Okay then, enter our mind blowing giveaway raffles and yeap, you guessed it right - WIN PRIZES!

Hopping on to our last stop, the land of Growth. πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“

This is the land of networking and opportunities and one that stretches to the closest action with the Fam.

With the Teenfluencer Program, teens get access to our handcrafted Marketing Bootcamp that trains and subsequently entitles them as Brand Ambassadors of FamPay - all with it's exclusive perks and benefits

Here is also where the teenagers get to be part of our ever bustling Discord server to become Friends of Fam - a forum for engagement, networking, gaming, self promotion and endless fun.

Besides all that, the Clubs section is also home to your ultimate entertainment experience through the GameZone - the one stop destination to all your boredom blues.

Wait...even games aren't helping you lift your lousy mood? Maybe, you need to talk to someone.

Why don't you head to Happy Inc - a safe space with access to innumerable counselors and mental health experts. Because navigating through your teen years can be an overwhelming journey and as a teenage centered brand, we understand that. So come, talk and feel better.

In all, the Club is our happy corner! πŸ€—

Its a place that's always brimming with new energy, activity and initiatives. A true reflection of the brand that FamPay stands for, it's the thread that sews the strongest relationship between the Team at Fam and the Teens of Fam.

Got ideas for the Club? Love to hear it at

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