Building India’s first GenZ Teen Community!

Growth Oct 23, 2020

The teenagers of the current times are a lot different in their demands, aims, and skills than the teenagers that belonged to the previous decades. They have more exposure to social media, e-commerce, decision making in households, and well, now they even have a great exposure of how your life tends to turn around amidst a pandemic.

They are open to new methods and technologies that come to the market, and are willing to try out everything in order to choose the best from the bigger whole. And in between of all of this, the one thing we as a society need to assure is their safety along with their growth. We as a whole, need to work towards helping them make the right choices, and also make them aware of all the choices.

We, at FamPay, are constantly working towards building an environment which is safe and enthralling for a GenZ. We want to make sure that the GenZ are taught things the regular curriculum tends to miss out on, especially components like financial responsibility. And not just that!

When it comes to GenZs, they are highly social, whether it is online or offline. We aim to bring these like-minded teenagers together to help them network and grow on early in life.

And to achieve all this, we are building India’s first GenZ exclusive community, called the “Friends Of Fam”, a place for teenagers to enrich their knowledge and get exposure to the various avenues for them. The Friends of Fam initiative is one of its kind where we give teenagers a unified platform to learn, earn and grow; irrespective of their hobbies, interests, passion and persona.

Why GenZ?

We have to ensure that the future of the country is in the right hands, and the future, in fact, are the teenagers today.

Did you know?
300 million adults have already started digital payments but 250M teenagers are yet to get digital in payments, despite being digital natives of the country!

While a major section tends to overlook the ideas and needs of the GenZ and treat them just like kids, we see potential and enthusiasm. We understand that empowering the GenZ and increasing their exposure to the right things can add immense value to them, and hence the whole country.

They can be our gamechangers, and we want to make sure that they are prepared for it!

How are we planning to build our community?

We are always working on new ideas and plans to make our community bigger and better. We have a lot of programmes which are developed exclusively to tend to the GenZ, and more than anything else, we have a product which is ONLY available for the teenagers, the FamCard.

FamCard is India’s first numberless card, and also a card meant only to be used by the GenZ. It helps a teenager to make digital payments both offline and online, something, which was not possible until before FamCard made its entry!

We make sure that all the information taken from the side of GenZ is kept secure and the parents are kept on loop to look over their child’s expenditure and savings! Along with this, we have challenges like SaveTheStreak, a savings challenge, to inculcate and breed the importance of savings in the young and bright minds of all these teenagers!

What if FamCard was your date? Find out here!

With FamCard as our core product, here's what all we have to offer for teens community!


This is like our own little BootCamp for teenagers! It is 4 weeks long and intricately designed and structured to cater to each and every one joining us here. Through this we provide students an opportunity to be our Brand Ambassadors. We educate them on the tips and tricks to be good social media influencers.

They also learn about product marketing and ideation techniques. Finally, at the end of 4 weeks, they graduate and we welcome a new batch. Even though the program is only 4 weeks long, these teens actually become a part of our fam for a lifetime! They are always welcome to give us feedback and engage in all the events we plan for the GenZ.

Here’s a quick guide to being a Teenfluencer!


This is one of India’s first internship programmes solely for teenagers. We find students who desire to start off their professional life at an early age and help them understand all the work and responsibilities that come up with it. Again, this programme is also 4 weeks long and is designed with immense care to ensure that we are touching upon all the important topics.

We teach students how to build a LinkedIn profile and also their résumés. We direct their focus on topics like marketing and business development, and teach them ways to understand user behaviour. Like we said before, these 4 weeks are not all, post this duration, a child continues on as a member of Friends Of Fam and becomes a part of our community for a lifetime!

Wanna apply? Register here

Student Run Businesses

We know such amazing teenagers who have started running their businesses at such an early age, while as students, and we love to guide them and support their ventures! Our app features a platform for such Student run businesses, enabling them to get a wider reach amongst fellow students and grow their business 10-fold with FamPay!

2 cents

2 cents is a collection of success stories of self-starter teenagers achieving exceptional goals early on in life. They are entrepreneurs, social workers, NGO leaders, world record holders, national medalists, Prime minister awardees, but most of all young and passionate leaders.

Read our Friend of Fam, Shiv Kampani’s 2 cents here.


The first edition of FamJam happened in November 2019. We got together 60 teenagers, accompanied by their parents, who have exceptional achievements and provided them a stage to showcase their talents. We had a lot of fun activities planned for them and created a space for them to network and learn about each other! It was a fun filled one evening fest.

We have positively influenced the lives of more than 300 teenagers who are a part of the FamPay community, Friends of Fam

Our future plans!

While we have a lot of things in store for all the teenagers out there are a few major things that have our focus right now. We are bringing to you an all new edition of FamJam, called FamJam 2.0, bigger and better! Read more here - FamJam 2.0, India's first digi-fest for teens.

We are also working on a lot of community events and can’t wait to tell you more about it. Finally, we are going to bring to you many webinar sessions, video content, and podcasts! Do stay tuned to to know more about all that we have coming up!

We offer an Experience, not a Service

As teenagers are our main users, we are continuously working towards building a better connection with them! Our purpose is not just to offer them a means to make digital payments, but also to make sure that we are helping them grow into more responsible and learned adults!

We are building a community for them, so that they get a platform to interact with other teenagers who, like themselves, are eager to gain varied and unconventional experiences. We wish to aid all of the GenZ in making the most of their teenage years, as this is the time where you can learn all you want and engage in new things!

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