Bridging Generation Gap: Understanding Your GenZ Teenager Better

Parents May 1, 2020

Every parent wants to give their best to the kids. They impart the best education, teach them great values, and give them a good lifestyle, yet the generation gap never ends. You may have thought to be the coolest parents of GenZ. Regrettably, you couldn’t get inside your kid's head to figure it all out. You must have wondered what if there was a one-size-fits-all manual for handling GenZ in India. Although a handbook is not a viable solution, understanding the GenZ trends will help you in bridging the generation gap.

What Makes Generation Z Different

After a decade of obsession with the Millennial Generation, GenZ is finally in the spotlight. Consisting of kids born between 1995 and 2012, it is the first digitally native generation of India. Generation Z has never seen a day without the internet. For them, it is a necessity at home, at school, or in social lives. They harness the power of technology and connectivity to voice most causes on social media.

This pivotal generation is a socially diverse population of India, that is authentic and inclusive. Unlike the previous generations, GenZ in India is breaking the stereotypes.

The post-millennial generation believes in hard work and earning their place. They don’t sit around to be handed an opportunity, rather they create one for themselves. They are the youngest generation with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Another remarkable aspect is that Genz teens are economically conservative and foresighted. They plan and organize their finances and seek financial guidance. They consider saving from quite a young age.

GenZ kids multitask and have a very short attention span. Change is the only constant in their lives. With this reduced attention span, they find images, gifs, and emojis more appealing against the text.

You would have by now understood the general traits of GenZ in India.

Let us see how you can transform into their savvy parents of GenZ:

Bridging Generation Gap between GenZ and Parents

Being GenZ parents is no walk in the park. You can make your journey easier by keeping the below points in mind.

Understanding their Love for Technology

GenZ teens are highly technology-dependent kids. You may have had little to no brush with technology in your childhood, but your teenager grew up around gadgets like laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. While their love for technology is good, too much indulgence in these devices might worry parents of GenZ. To tackle this problem, set some family guidelines for digital usage— for instance, no mobile phones on the dinner table, or a digital-detox hour every day. Model the behaviour and your teens will follow you.

Become Tech-Savvy Parents of GenZ

Get into their shoes to understand this technology crazy Generation Z. For bridging generation gap, show an interest in technology, and explore social media. Start a dialogue with your kids, and they can help you stay on top of the latest technology trends. This is the best way for Genz and parents to bond over technology.

Work towards your Child’s Goals

GenZ kids are hard-working and want to carve a niche for themselves. As GenZ parents, you should be able to identify and work with your teen's motivations. Don’t pass on your goals to them. An ideal course of life for you might be a traditional education and a conventional career path. However, motivation in these younger lots is triggered by the desire for greater freedom, need for social status, and peer pressure. Have an open-hearted conversation, and work collaboratively towards their aim.

The Financially Literate Generation

If you are a parent to a GenZ teen, congratulations- you have an economically conservative, financially literate, and foresighted kid. This generation believes in saving a good chunk of their income. Their aptitude and your guidance will help them gain financial wisdom at a young age. You need to trust them and give them adequate financial freedom. And, for all your worries, there is FamPay. FamPay is the first payment brand for Genz and parents. It gives your child the liberty to make payment transactions, while you can supervise and keep track of their actions.

Generation Z kids are Inherent Multitaskers

Do not freak out if you see your kid watching a football match on the television, finishing his/her science assignment, and texting his/her friend on the phone simultaneously. Relax; multitasking and short attention span are other traits that make this generation different from previous ones.

Coeducational Learning Makes them Less Unprejudiced

GenZ kids have a vast social circle consisting of friends from all genders. This is a diverse, inclusive, and unprejudiced generation. Respect their individuality and beliefs. Unlike you, they have studied in a co-educational environment. Kindly acknowledge this fact and remain unbiased towards their friends.

Wrapping Up

GenZ teens are sensitive, creative, hard-working, independent, and give importance to financial stability and planning. To ace the parenting game as GenZ parents, you need to have faith in them and give them the necessary freedom. Let them make their own decisions about their lives. Supervise them, guide them, but don’t enforce rules on them which may have been the norm during your growing up phase.

GenZ parents should let the kids figure their way out. GenZ and parents can include some family rituals to bond over. They should be patient, considerate, and thoughtful with their kids. Parents of GenZ need to show their love and include brief touch like a fist bump, high-five, half-hug, etc. in day to day conversation to establish a good rapport with the teens. This is an independent generation; they will do what they want to do, anyway. So, there is no point in curtailing their freedom.

Now that we have let out the secret to you, it is time to leverage the situation and grab the opportunity to finally be the coolest GenZ parents in the block.

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