Being a Digital Parent - Tips to Mentor Everything Digital that your Teen Uses

Parents Sep 9, 2020

It is quite explicable that digital technology has become ubiquitous in the world. You are aware of the fact that digital technology has become an indispensable modern workforce now. Its versatility offers a range of benefits to human existence.

Of late, the entire world is dependent on digitised devices to accomplish various tasks; in particular, the online teaching-learning process. Irrespective of the higher/ lower echelons of society, the use of such devices is prevalent amongst the youth. Of course, it has become a part and parcel of life now for everyone.

Mobile phones continue to dominate the digital engagement by utilising the function of apps that have become a new frontier in technology. Everything that caters to one's instinct is available within their reach. It stands as a testimony for the paradox of technology – both freeing and enslaving.

It's the primal motive of parents to channel the aspirations of their wards when they engage themselves in digital platforms. The need to mentor the digital platforms your child uses is extremely essential especially to make sure that they stay safe and away from the pits of cyberbullying.

Here is a list of strategies that you can adopt to mentor your child's digital usage and also to keep them safe -

Digital Literacy

It is vital to have digital literacy amongst parents to influence the activities of their wards. It can be used for constructive purposes rather than spending more time on Social Media. The youth is the most vibrant cluster using mobile technology, and they are at the receiving end for guidance to manage their digital lives. As a parent, just try to know the social platforms your child is on, don't put out an image that leaves your ward with the idea that you are spying on them, but just do it to make them understand how you just want to be sure of the safety concerns and measures of a particular digital platform.

Data Usage Limit

While your child needs a certain amount of internet data to be able to attend all of their classes, make sure that you are keeping a tab on them. Try to make them understand that being confined in a house should not limit their desire to engage in activities other than just scrolling through the social media. Inform of them, and help them in hunting down hobbies they can indulge in. The Internet, while vast can potentially saturate a child's mind sooner than normal.

Advocate your Child's Privacy Rights

It is pertinent to remark that the parents are the advocates of their child's privacy in mobile applications. You must comprehend your ideas properly in this regard. While you want to make sure that your kids are not spending their entire day on a device, and that they are not on social platforms that could potentially harm them, make sure that they are still getting the breathing space they need.

Create a comfortable space for them to talk

The children are at their budding season and are easily prone to vulnerable content. They are also prone to cases of cyberbullying or being exposed to content that they didn't intend to come across. If such a case does happen, there are very high chances that it is depicted in your child's behaviour, please make sure that you have created a comfortable environment for them where they can approach you, and communicate freely in times of need.

Mentor their activities

While today, we are doing everything on the internet, please try to mentor your child's activities on the internet. This does not mean that you have to spy on them to know everything about who they talk to and what they talk about, this means that you keep a tab on the sites they are visiting and as a parent do your homework and read about the privacy concerns and statements of these sites. Be aware of the online games your child plays, engage them in conversations about this and take interest too! While these games can be good getaway from the routine life, you can't ever be sure of who your child meets on the other end of it. You must also keep mentoring their purchases. This particular task can be made plenty easy by making FamPay a part of your child's life. Get your child their own FamCard and give them an access to make digital payments both online and offline, this also keeps you in loop and helps you track their purchases!

The GenZ today is smart and fresh, they make their choices. Your task as a parent is to make sure that you are making them able enough to choose the right things! A child must be using for a device for a bunch of things from gaming, to socialise, to even shop online, your job as a parent is to ensure their safety and also inculcate in them a sense of responsibility. While the whole world is currently relying on devices to continue their lives, try to inculcate activities in your routines like workouts, meditations, hobbies like painting and cooking, which could create a fun getaway from the social life.

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