My 365 Days of Internship at FamPay πŸš€

FamSays Sep 10, 2021

What do you do when you are a first-year undergraduate who has high spirits and aspirations, craves to learn new things but then you are stuck in a pandemic? πŸ›Œ


You begin searching for cool internships. And you just have to be fortunate enough to come across a company that is creating history by revolutionizing the way people transact in the future. Now, who wouldn't choose to be a part of that FinTech revolution?

πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈHello, I am Harshita Singla, a second-year BBA student and I work as a Community Growth Intern at FamPay.

First Impression Check βœ…

When I initially joined FamPay, a year ago, I was anxious. Everyone has heard about that miserable, overworked, underpaid intern. So naturally, I felt uncertain. But what I saw at FamPay was so unexpected. FamPay treated me like a family member, a part of the ever-growing team. From the team lunches, meetings to working together, the friendships, and all the conversations and laughter we've shared never failed to make me feel like I belonged. And thus began my 3 month Internship. πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

But what's the deal with the 365 Days Harshita? πŸ€”

These experiences made me realize that I couldn't just leave after 3 months, so I decided to extend it, by 3 months, and then 3 months more, and...long story short, I've completed a whole year of my Internship now!


These 365 days? Chef's kiss! It's like a magic carpet ride right out of a dream. Working with such skilled, talented, unique minded and thoughtful colleagues, and equally talented teenagers has been an inspirational adrenaline rush like nothing else.

What did I do in these 365 Days? 🧐

Well whatever I did, my job title should now be All Department, Intern. At FamPay I worked under the growth team, to managing the creator squad, community on Discord and the Brand Ambassador Program. I also briefly worked with the Research Team.

My favorite project so far has to be the Brand Ambassador Program. I have watched it grow, from its very inception to the big-big family it is now, and being there, working with skilled, engaged, enthusiastic, creative teenagers who are so motivated and eager, watching them has inspired me, making me want to absorb all that talent.

What did I learn? πŸ€“

Let me also quickly spill the tea about my misery as a student (haha, jk!) It is inevitable that I find myself right in the intersection of college and work, and without traffic lights, by the way. So naturally, it felt like a challenge to stay on top of both the piles. Attendance, grades, assignments, and deadlines, and some days are hard, ngl. Β But, having some really nice people who understood what it feels like was like finding pixie dust. When I was learning something at FamPay everyday, every bit of the hustle and hard work seemed worth it.

On the work side, working on email marketing, research calls, Metabase management, discord community management and Web Engage are some of the most valuable skills I picked up. Working at FamPay, I learnt to be alert and attentive, listening to what people need, what they want and delivering the best possible solution. As FamPay is a brand for teens, understanding the target audience was key. In this process, I learnt to be polite and get things done the right way, understanding perspectives people have and how to put things through their perspective.

I see new changes in myself, from being shy and hesitant when I joined, to now openly voicing my opinions and ideas, going on trips, being able to relax and be free even with people much older than me, all that because FamPay teams have this homely feeling where I felt like the kid of a family.

How's FamPay as a team? β˜•

The work style is the best I've seen anywhere, with all skilled, talented, and hardworking people, their growth has been unmatched. Despite their growth, FamPay has maintained its familial vibe, where formalities are dropped, and you can just schedule a call with the CEOs to discuss your growth or a new venture you start working on.

Working at FamPay is an exciting ride, constantly on my toes, never stagnant or monotonous, and being on the move, which excites me more than anything. The fast-paced work feels like a new challenge every time and getting it done is a completely new level of satisfaction I have never felt before, and it motivates me to take on the next new project or challenge.

FamPay's mission and its vision, and their purpose has been something that has been the biggest inspiration and the motivator for me. Their mission to provide teenagers with financial independence and the opportunity to manage their own finances, and their vision to make teenagers more aware of finances, and their outlook on teenagers as the future is something that has deeply resonated with me. Their commitment to transparency and honesty in all their operations, their attention to user experience and perfecting it, customer-oriented in every aspect has made an amazing impact.

And finally, to my team at FamPay, I wanna say, thank you! I am overwhelmed and grateful for this amazing chance to work alongside all of you, and you will always be cherished with all of my heart. Here's to 365 more days to come πŸ₯³

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