When building for GenZs, build it on Discord πŸ‘Ύ

Growth Mar 24, 2021

Since the time of inception, FamPay's vision has been all about our fellow GenZ's finance and lifestyle. Albeit thought of as a prepaid card app, we have striven to do all it takes to provide Indian teens their own platform which enables their unique personas to shine through.

The question of 'why' is no mystery, since after some probing, we soon realized that The Indian Teen craves a community of its own, and very rightly so! Facebook has been hijacked by GenX, and millennials have seemed to take over Instagram, leaving our very social GenZs hungry for more.

A quick survey conducted by us revealed that teens have started to consider Discord as their safe haven, hence we aimed to create a perfect recipe to dish out to our Indian teens on that platform. This recipe ensures that we satiate your hunger for a dynamic community with like-minded people, the latest trends, events with mind-blowing prizes and so much more.

72% of our community members mentioned that they already actively use discord

Wanna get into the delicious details? Well, here's how FamPay creates a piping hot Discord community:

One fresh cup of intro πŸ₯€

Although Discord is a name known to every teen, we still need an introduction as our base! So here we go: Discord is a free online app, with voice, video and text. Millions of teens use it to hangout with their squads, or even larger communities of their interests. It's an abode to communities of all sizes, although it has some colossal ones! These communities function on their individual servers, and joining them can be open to all; hence named a "public server" or they can be "invite-only" wherein, you need an invite link to join.

Two spoonfuls of exclusivity πŸ₯„πŸ₯„

This brings us to our next ingredient, which is exclusivity. The Discord server that we've created is invite-only, which helps us make sure that it is open to only GenZs. This is a space with people of your age and vibe in your ambit, so you can socialize and communicate openly. Want to get invited? Download FamPay and reach out to us!

A pinch of identity 🀏

Every community needs a name, and we call ours 'Friends of Fam', which is pretty accurate, tbh. As the name suggests, we aim to create a squad that's totally fireee.

Now that we've got our hands on the basic ingredients, we mix it well with the Discord profiles that you create after downloading the app and signing up! Here's the link to do that, if you still haven't: https://discord.com/download

We set that aside for sometime to mix other essential ingredients to bring out the fun:

Hints of warm welcome πŸ–

Upon joining Friends of Fam, the first few channels that you would see are to welcome you! Congratulations, you've made it to our Discord Community. You can access stuff like server-tour, community guidelines, and information about FamPay. There's also a special channel devoted to help you find spaces of your interests, called self-assign roles!

Few handfuls of general fun Β πŸ‘Š

New to 'Friends of Fam' and feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed? There's a category of channels dedicated to helping you ease into the community! Don't worry, you have good 7k friends to help you. Checkout the general-chat to see what's up with everyone! Consider yourself a meme-lord? Share your treasures on the memes channel, don't forget to keep an eye out for events with amazing prizes and the information on new app features on the announcement channel!

A ladle full of help πŸ¦Ήβ€β™€οΈ

The 'Community Help' category on our server has channels that let you get help, and even assist other users! You can get queries resolved, answer questions, and even help FamPay enhance their service by putting in feedback and suggestions in 'build-with-us'.

A pinch of moderation πŸ§‚

This brings out the good flavours and beats the bad ones. The Friends of Fam server has 'seasoned' (quite literally, hehe) and enthusiastic moderators who constantly work towards making it a safe and positive space. The exciting part? Once you're a member, you can apply to be a moderator as well!

A generous sprinkle of polls πŸ”’

Our fellow 'friends' are what makes our community so delectable! As a fellow member, you hold significant power through the polls we regularly conduct. Be it casting your vote for various competitions, or steering opinions about events, you get to make all the calls through the power of the polls!

Swaad-anusaar 'miscellaneous' 🧠

What gives our channel a unique taste is the congruity of several flavors, synchronizing perfectly. Friends of Fam has a huge variety of channels to explore, ngl. We're adding a pinch of this and a drop of that constantly. Be it bot-games, karaoke, giveaways, or slam-poetry, you'll always find a delicious bite to gorge on, in our wonderful community.

We've already hosted 30+ events and fun activities with our 7k+ strong family and our community is growing 1.5x every month! Just the massive scope of networking and learning from similar-aged peers is mouth-watering!

Still hungry for more? Finish reading this blog and head over to Friends of Fam, buddy! We can't wait to share this delicious treat of a community with you.

Got feedback? Share with me on aditi@fampay.in

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