Top 5 Tips to Communicate Better with your Teenager

Parents Sep 3, 2020

Teenage is a passing phase & the role of parents at this age is highly crucial. The new age teenagers are natively digital. So, understanding & communicating with them is a big challenge for parents. Your young ones may be good at making decisions but might need your help in managing their emotions.
So, dear parents, it need not always be friends, you can also help your kids understand & manage their emotions well. In fact, at times, it can be only you who can make your children understand, convince & lead them to follow your guided footsteps. It’s never too late to befriend your kids. To make it easy, Fampay presents, to all the loving parents who wish to understand & connect better with their kids, the Top 5 Tips to Communicate Better with your Teenager, and here they are.

Listen to what they say

Parents do everything to make their kids happy. They adorn their lives with the finest pleasures only to make them smile. Such is the love of parents for their kids. Unlike early age, teenagers often hesitate to share information about what they are thinking, and what is going on in their teen life. But, parents being parents do everything they can to know about their kids, only to protect them & make sure that they are okay.

We know you are highly cautious & curious about your kids. So, here are a few do’s and don'ts to help you understand your teen kid better.  

What to Avoid

  1. Spying - If you are spying on your kids, it gives them an impression that you don’t believe them. It also creates a lot of fear & self-doubt in your kids & makes them hide things from you in the long run.
  2. Direct questioning - Kids often go out at night for group studies or parties. If they come late or you receive any complaint against them, the first thing to do is avoid direct & hasty questioning. Instead, sit & talk with them calmly. Ask them the cause of delay. It will help them open up to you & share things that you want to know about them.
  3. Pressurising them - Parents often pressurise their kids for grades, to stop playing sports or learn stuff they are passionate about. They always dream big for their young ones, but, in the process, forget that they are the new age teenagers & they know what they are doing. Avoid pressuring your kids. Make sure your conversations are friendly!

What to Follow

  1. Just relax & let them come to you & talk
  2. Make a friendly ambience
  3. Listen - Even a small sigh can be their way of sharing their experience of the day.
  4. Be open & interested to listen to what they have to say or talk.

So, take a deep breath, relax and listen to what they have to say. Be a wise advisor, a good friend and a great mentor to your kids.

Show them that you trust them

Parents are kids' first inspiration, so when they are talking to you in their teens, that means they want you to take them seriously. Listen to your kids, treat them well & believe in them.

Here are a few ways to show your kids that you trust them.

  1. Ask them for a favour - Ask them to bring home some medicines or groceries. Share with them some housework like cleaning, gardening or cooking. Involve them in what you do. It will help them learn the importance of family, responsibility & togetherness.
  2. Share some responsibility - Make them handle small business/cash transactions. It will make them feel important and become responsible.
  3. Believe in them, especially if they come and talk with you - If your kids are coming to you, or say they want to talk to you, give them your time, irrespective however busy you might be. It must be something really important, or they might need your advice to take action on something that’s bothering them.

A small gesture that shows you trust them as parents can give them a lot of hope & confidence in times when they are building themselves.

Praise your kids

Kids are always parents first love and all they have are just cheers & blessings for them. Appreciating your kids in their teens helps boost their self-esteem. Teens turn to their parents not just for money, but also to seek approval. Achievements can be big or small, but even small praise from parents is no less than any award. So do praise your teens, encourage the good in them & become a part in raising a positive generation.

Do things together

Talking to your kids is not the only way to communicate. You can also call upon your kids to spend some time with you & do stuff that you both enjoy doing together. Activities such as cooking, gardening, hiking, watching movies, or long drives etc. Kids who feel close to their parents tend to open up & share more positive experiences than kids who don't have good & free communication with their parents. Parents must create that ease & ambience for their kids that helps them to communicate & share better.

Be observant

As your kids grow, it is normal for you to notice or come across many changes in their mood, behaviour, energy level or appetite. Teenage is a crucial phase in every child's life. While building themselves, they might leave many happy good habits, isolate themselves & also adopt misleading bad habits which could be due to a variety of reasons such as undue peer pressure. If you notice any such changes in your children’s daily ability to function, talk to them openly about it. Avoid being judgemental & be friendly & supportive of your kids. This could also be the time where they might need your help or a specialist counselling.

So, parents, it is extremely essential to have a healthy and trustworthy parent-child relationship during your kid’s teen years. We understand staying close to your kids is not that easy, as they quite often mistake your love & protection as demanding & interfering. A simple smile, a warm hug & an activity that keeps you together are enough to help you navigate the new age

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