The most beautiful college campuses in India πŸŽ“

Lifestyle Sep 21, 2021

College (noun) : An experience every teen should be thrilled about! 😍

College. The word in itself is enough to make a teen nervous and excited at the same time! From the likelihood of moving to a new city, sunbathing in the blissful liberty of college life, to meeting new friends and teachers, there is just so much to look forward to. 🀯

Well, here's a situation for you. Imagine this: It's the first day of college classes. You've made some nice friends from your class and are sitting with them, planning to check out the canteen after this lecture gets over. The one single thing that's sure to make this experience even better? The college campus. 🏨With striking architecture, beautiful greenery, blue skies and spacious classes, here are 8 College Campuses that will turn your college life LIT! πŸ”₯

  1. St. Xavier's College: With grey bricked walls and an indo-gothic architecture style, this campus has been part of umpteen Bollywood movies. And rightly so! Every corner of St. Xavier's is so insta-worthy! 🀩

2. IIT Roorkee: Is studying in a palace just a quirky dream to you? Well, read ahead, because your quirky dream will come true when you see the magnificent campus of IIT Roorkee. The campus looks nothing short of an ivory palace, and will definitely make you feel like Cinderella running late to submit her assignments. πŸ˜›

3. Benaras Hindu University: Another exemplary candidate in the indo-gothic architecture category is BHU, standing tall and proud near River Ganga. Built in a semi-circle with soothing greenery surrounding it, the view of BHU will definitely take your breath away. πŸ’–

4. Fergusson University: If you're a fan of Victorian-era shows and movies, this is the campus for you! With Palm trees lining its boundaries and the gorgeous Pune skies overhead, the building will truly make you feel like you're in a Hollywood movie. 🎬

5. Sophia College: This one is exclusively for the awesome girl gang! The whole campus blushes crimson with gorgeous specks of green trees scattered in its vicinity. 🌴 Chilling with your friends within campus is definitely hangout goals here. 😻

6. IIT Guwahati: Picture a larger than life campus, with green gleaming gardens surrounding it. That's IIT Guwahati for you! The whole campus is nestled between nature and the view is fresh and refreshing. You wouldn't wanna miss your morning classes here! πŸŒ„

7. IIM Ahmedabad : IIM-A's campus has been a part of bollywood before, and it rightly deserves so. The modern red-bricked walls are not the only aesthetic thing about it, the geometrical architecture and aura of the buildings will enchant you in its beauty as well. Β πŸ™ŒπŸ»

8. IIM Kozhikode: Attending lectures doesn't sound that hectic when you have your college on picturesque hills of the Western Ghats, right? The IIM-K campus is serene and if you're a nature lover, this place will steal your heart. To top it off, the whole campus relies on rain-water harvesting as its primary source of water, we stan eco-friendly architecture! 🌍❀

Undoubtedly, studying in any of these campuses is legit GOALS! 😎 Did we miss any college campuses that have got you drooling? Reach out to us on Insta DMs and let us know. πŸ˜‹

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