How Instagram Reel can really grow your brand 🤳

FamSays Aug 10, 2021

They say short-form video content is going to blow out of proportion, and ‘Gram is leveraging that to the best of its ability. After the inception of reels on Instagram, many brands grew their followers by thousands, but the most important thing to remember is that ✨ quality sells. ✨

I’m going to walk you through a few reasons why this Instagram feature can reel-ly boost your brand’s presence. That’s right, lads! I’m obviously talking about reels. From those cheesy ‘Mai Tera’ edits to Olivia Rodrigo’s songs going viral, we have witnessed it all. 🎶 However, reels are for everyone, not just brands. Many content creators found their audience solely through the gift of reels bestowed upon all of us!

Reels are proving to be the most frequently used feature on Instagram after the ever-growing popularity of the short-video content OG platform, TikTok in the West. However, since TikTok does not exist in India anymore, Instagram Reels are booming and gaining momentum with each passing day. It offers instant gratification and with the shrinking attention spans of humankind, it is evident that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep your audience entertained, however, with the right strategy, you can definitely strike gold. (cha-ching) 💰

Since teenagers are constantly bombarded with information and content, it is important to stand out in terms of what you have to offer. Keeping up with the trends is essential! These few tips can help you outshine your competitors and create an audience for yourself! 💅

Knowing what your brand stands for 💭

If you’re aware of the voice of your brand, use it cleverly to reach your audience. In a world where trends blow up overnight, reels provide a platform to your brand, especially if your target audience consists of enthusiastic teenagers.

To keep them glued to your content, try to understand what might interest them and use that knowledge to your advantage.

Keep your content C-R-I-S-P-Y 🍟

Whether it’s viral songs or silly filters, make sure your reels include these additional features to land on the coveted explore page of your audience. If you can make it funny, that’s even better

By keeping your reels crisp and visually appealing, the Instagram algorithm will most likely push your content to a larger audience.

Offer value 💡

The key to keeping your audience engaged is to offer value. If you shower them with knowledge, insights, and relatable content, there is a really high chance that you’re adding value to their lives and they are more likely to stick to your page. If you teach your audience a new skill, they will most likely come back to you to learn something new.

Speak their lingo 🤟

I CANNOT stress this enough but knowing your audience will make things super easy for you. Invest your time in creating content that they will engage with. While curating content for your sassy teenage audience, it is important to recognize what their interests are. Based on that knowledge, constructing a strategy accordingly will help your online presence soar.

Experiment and Explore🗺

Reels can be created using different audios, filters, timers, and experimenting with different time frames to see what works in your favour is what a brand should aim for. Keep in mind that reels should not be excessively long or too slow.

Reels ads are a thing📽

Instagram decided to capitalize on our short attention spans and introduced reels ads in June 2021. These ads can definitely be used for brand awareness, conversions, and organic traffic depending on the interests of the viewers and positioning strategy!

You may come across funny reels, memes and videos on our feed, but the intent is always the same: ✨ offer value to your audience✨. With the availability of many features on social media for increasing the overall engagement, it is important to try out various combinations to analyse what works best for you or your brand!

Got exciting ideas about how reels can be used for brand awareness? Ping me on! 🙌

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