13 Things to do when you're bored - Boredom busters for teens 🀳

Culture Aug 17, 2021

Being a Gen-Z isn't a cakewalk to begin with, and the pandemic might have turned your life upside-down even more. From school closures, cancelled social events to being locked up at home, teens have had to face quite a disarrayed life since 2020.πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

It might have left you feeling lethargic, bored and like the human equivalent of a discharged battery. Trust me, I have been there too! πŸ€•

If your lockdown days look like this, keep on reading!

India has been facing the brunt of the pandemic for one and a half years now, and the prolonged restrictions and lifestyle change might've led to some blues and boredom. The teen mind is the most energetic, creative and busy place on this Earth, and an inhibited social life might have let gloom and irritability creep into your noggin. 🧠

So what can you do to fight the boredom during this time? Well, there are several zones in your life that you can explore or revisit. πŸ”

It might just turn out to be medicine to your boredom fever! πŸ’Š

The Creative Zone

You can always count on the creative zone to charge up your brain when you need it the most. Let's see what you can do!

🎨 Paint: As cliché as it sounds, painting is therapeutic. You don't have to be Leonardo Da Vinci to enjoy it, just grab colors and some paper and go crazy! You might just end up creating something super cool to decorate your room with.

🧩 Solve a jigsaw puzzle: When life seems jumbled up like a jigsaw puzzle, it's best to sit with an actual puzzle and solve it. There's something so satisfying about fitting all the pieces together to see the bigger picture!

🎸 Practice an instrument: For those of you who have an instrument in your bedroom corner gathering dust, it's time to pick it up and strum a tune or two. It's always fun to create and listen to music.

🀳🏻 Shoot reels: Making reels has to be the most fun GenZ trend of 2021. Ideating, getting ready, shooting and editing is the perfect way to spend time in a creative way! Your reel might even go viral. If shooting reels is your hobby, you can DM us on Instagram and get a chance to join our Creator's Squad.

🀑 Meme it up: If your squad can't get enough of your wicked sense of humor, its time to put it to good use and create some hilarious memes.  Share it with us on our Instagram page and we might just share it.

The Skill Zone

If you're a keen learner who was always learning things outside of your syllabus in school, it's a great idea to skill up at home. Wanna know how? Keep reading!

πŸ“ Learn a new course: There are endless courses on places like Coursera, Udemy and Google Digital Garage that will not only help you explore your interests, but also provide certifications as you learn about them! This is a go-to step to build an interesting personal profile.

πŸ“² Use the FamPay Club section: Wanna skill up but confused about where to start? FamPay's club section has several fun learning opportunities for you to explore - from mind-blowing courses, super interesting blogs to a super sociable Discord community, you'll find it all!

πŸ—£ Learn a new language: Enhancing your linguistic knowledge is always a great idea. It's opens up a Β new world of information for you to consume and learn from! Knowing several languages is an investment that keeps paying off in the future as well.

🍳 Cook a meal: Bored of the usual coffee, maggi and eggs? It's time to brush up your culinary skills and learn how to cook a wholesome meal. Food tastes better when you've made it yourself - trust me! Learning how to cook will pay off when you're in college and craving some scrumptious ghar ka khana!

The Peace Zone

The ongoing events of the world have taken a toll on everybody's mental health. It gets a bit complicated to take care of your emotional wellbeing as a teen, so here are some suggestions you could follow!

πŸ“ Write in a Journal: Due to lockdowns and quarantines, all your days and nights might seem to blend into one incomprehensible blob. Jot down your tasks for the day when you wake up, and reflect upon your day when you end it. It is a great way to feel a sense of clarity and productivity.

πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Meditate: Taking out a few minutes every day to relax, breathe and meditate will do wonders for your focus, peace and clarity. Pair it with some beginner's yoga and you'll be all set to achieve a healthier mind and body!

⏳ Spend time with Fam: When all else fails, talk to a friend or a family member when you feel too overwhelmed. Sharing your experience with them will help you bond and feel less alone.

🌈 Act with kindness: Being kind goes a long way when you want to uplift your mood. It can be small gestures and big. Watering plants, making tea for your parents or donating to a cause, every small step will be a happiness dose to you! Looking for causes to donate to? You can find them on the FamPay app.

Remember, the list of things to do will never run dry, and it's going to be unique to everyone! ✨

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